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5 stars

Danelli’s is the restaurant for any true Italian food and atmosphere lover. With its exciting family history and old-fashioned style, it is a local treasure. However, not many people are familiar with this restaurant, so allow us to give you some exposure to what it’s all about!

The restaurants owner, John Daniels, has been with Danelli’s since the early 1980s. What started as a small business has now expanded over the years to many locations, making it available to people in several towns.

“I always had a brother next to me somewhere, or a sister in some cases.”

– John Daniels

“We started as a small store across the river, expanded it, then came to . We’ve had stores in Yorkville, Batavia, Prestbury, Sugar Grove, and now ,” Daniels says.

Daniels worked closely with his siblings while establishing Danelli’s throughout Illinois.

“I have seven brothers and sisters; they’ve all worked here at one point or another, and some of them still do, especially when we had four or five stores. I always had a brother next to me somewhere, or a sister in some cases,” Daniels says.

This background gives Danelli’s a vibe you don’t get from any other restaurant in Oswego. The family history really gives context to what you are eating—every item on the menu is homemade, making you really wonder how long these recipes have been passed down.

Danelli's family photos on the walls
The Daniels’ family history photos line the walls of the restaurant, allowing the customer to truly see the history of the establishment.

The Daniels’ family photos within the restaurant also give a very personal vibe to the restaurant. It really shows that there is a lot of history within the establishment, almost like you are dining within a museum, which is a very unique trait.

When it came to the food itself, we decided to order a 10-inch pepperoni pizza. It was not too busy at the time, so the wait for the pizza was not long at all. The pizza arrived, and we couldn’t even describe how amazing it was. The spices on the cheese added fantastic flavor while the cheese and sauce made the perfect mix. This wasn’t your normal greasy pizza you usually get from a chain pizza place; it was an authentic, well-made and tasty piece of Italian cuisine.

Danelli's Pepperoni Pizza
A mouthwatering 10-inch pizza ready to be served to the happy customer.

Besides pizza, Danelli’s has a wide variety of food options—any type of Italian cuisine you can think of can be found here. These include, but aren’t limited to, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna and linguine.  

Daniels even has his own personal favorites when it comes to the food they has to offer.

“I like it all! I grew up eating spaghetti everyday, and still to this day I love spaghetti and tomato sauce. I love anything in tomato sauce, period,” Daniels says.

Leaving the restaurant, we both felt very refreshed and energized. The food felt as if it was truly made with care. Our server was incredibly nice and sociable, while consistently looking out for what we needed.

If you are looking for an authentic and cultured restaurant in Oswego, look no further than Danelli’s!

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