The Oswego High School varsity softball team has been off to a strong run during the spring 2023 season. It has been hot with a record of 22-8 and some long-shot victories like 10-0 against Joliet Central High School, 11-2 against Romeoville High School, and 15-3 against Minooka High School. 

Being a first year head coach at OHS, Paul Netzel was unsure of what to expect from this team. He was aware many girls play travel ball along with practicing outside of the season, and he was excited to coach this team. 

“They’re real competitors, they’re energetic, they enjoy having fun, and that’s probably been the big surprise is how much fun we’ve had,” Netzel says. “It’s exciting and fun to watch.” 

This year, the team is made up of a younger group of girls. Luckily for Netzel, the team will only be losing two seniors after this year.

“One freshman, a couple sophomores, and the rest juniors have really shown a cohesiveness that is going to go well for the future, and it’s kind of a coach’s dream to have a team come together like that,” Netzel says.

Netzel believes that coaching between girls and boys teams is very different. Girls are known to be more competitive than he was anticipating. So far the record has been high this year and they have broken some individual records already this season. 

“Right now we are sitting in a good position as the third seed in the sectional, which means that we have a good chance to get through regionals and play in sectionals,” Netzel says. 

Many of the girls have really enjoyed being on the softball team, seeing their skills grow in new ways. 

“I’ve seen my confidence go up a lot on this team,” junior Marrisa Moffett, center fielder and second baseman, says. “I see myself as a leader and I see myself being really positive.”

Aubriella Garza, a sophomore third baseman, first baseman, and pitcher, believes there is a good team dynamic between the girls. 

“It’s older-sister-to-younger-sister bonds,” Garza says. “If the older sister’s wrong we still have [disagreements] but like, it’s just fun.” 

Senior Zoe Precup, a pitcher and first baseman, has played the last three years on the team, since her freshman year was cut off due to COVID-19, and had played softball for many years prior to coming on the OHS team. She loves the feeling of the game. 

“You’re craving the one feeling because it’s a sport of failure, so you’re not always successful, but when you are successful, you hold onto it,” Precup says. 

The team has had chemistry like no other team in the past. 

“It’s been a really positive environment which makes it easier to go out and win because people want to be there,” Precup says. 

The team spirit between each girl has brought on many victories, but there have been some setbacks that could potentially stop the roll.  

“It’s going to be a matter of staying healthy because it’s a very long season, we play a lot of games and we’ve had a lot of really long weeks playing 5 or 6 games a week,” Precups says. 

Many girls have grown up playing softball, but Garza has watched and played Oswego Softball for most of her life. 

“When I was little, I came to the high school varsity field and watched my first ever softball game when I was like 6, so it’s pretty awesome getting a chance to play on it and making my little self happy,” Garza says. 

Sometimes playing softball is not just for the game, it is for the opportunity of inspiration. 

“My goal in life is to be an inspiration to little kids like I had when I was growing up,” Garza says. “I remember when I was going into my first softball season I was on the Oswego Outlaws, and I remember going in there and just watching the older girls pitch really fast, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I really, really want that.’ So I just want to inspire other people and continue my dream.” 

The whole team is excited for the final games of the season, and potential postseason games. 

“I’m super excited for regional and what’s to come,” Moffett says. “We [have] a winning season and I think we can go pretty far and do really good in regionals.” 

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