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Max Niesman: The finale


Varsity basketball player Max Niesman has been a positive asset to the Oswego Basketball program all four years of his high school career. Being on varsity as a sophomore, he grew with the program both in his skills and in his character. Niesman takes on many leadership roles within the team, and  it helps to keep everyone in check. 

“As team captain, I need to hold my teammates accountable, and more importantly myself. If someone isn’t doing something right, I have to get on with them,” Niesman says. “And if I realize I am messing up, I make sure to let my team know and hold myself accountable.”

To stay in line with accountability, the team sets goals to reach as it progresses through the season. Previously, the team struggled with its record, but took control and won nine out of its past 10 games. Working through the losses, the team takes its struggles from the games into its practices. 

“We are practicing hard every day, and we focus on defense a lot and rebounding, because those are our main two struggles in the game,” Niesman says. 

Being in the program for so long, Niesman has learned a variety of skills to take into life outside of basketball and into college. 

“The biggest thing I have learned from being in this program is the ability to be a leader,” Niesman says. “We have been struggling this season, and it can be hard to lead a team while you’re struggling, but I learned to persevere and push through.” 

After high school, Niesman will be playing Division III basketball at an engineering school. Although he is undecided what specific school, he is excited to open new doors and move on to college. 

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