Oswego High School teenagers open up about their working lives. With the demand of responsibility and money at such a young age, these students must learn how to balance their social, academic, and economical lives - even if it costs their "sleeping hours". The nonstop juggling of a basic human life is the every day life of The Working Teenager.
In this video, staff writer Wylie Marquis teaches you a lesson that could keep those bills in your wallet: how to replace your car's air filter.
In this video, Wylie Marquis and his assistant, Michael Green, show how to install a spoiler on your car. Produced by Danny Wiltfong In this video, 42Fifty staff videographers Wylie Marquis Daniel Wiltfong show you how to install a windshield banner on your car the correct way.
Do you want to start an acting career but don't have a good starting point? Well, look no further, because this episode of Brian's Loaf of Life can help with that!

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