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Repetition needs to end in a high school student’s schedule 


Repetition is a word lots of Oswego High School students use to describe their schedules. For example: I wake up, go to school, do my homework, go to work, find time for sleep, and I am extremely exhausted. 

The truth is, finding a way to switch up this routine is hard due to the need to make money or to keep good grades in classes. Changing a student’s work schedule is difficult  because the money needed to pay for college or any activities is expensive and hard to save. Lowering a student’s work hours cuts back on any money made going to that cause. 

As a solution to this problem, homework given to students should be limited, or less weighed in the gradebook. This can help students by lessening the amount of stress with finishing any work that needs to be done or can help a student catch up on sleep. 

I understand homework is an important part of learning, but the majority of the time students rush to finish it, not even obtaining what was taught. 

“Most students who are productive in class are able to better grasp the concept during our class time,” Consumer Education and I.C.E. teacher Ms. Jennifer Musielak says. Musielak plans her activities accordingly to allow students to finish work during class. 

Of course, limiting homework can also help students find more time with friends and family and gives students something else to look forward to during a long school year. By limiting this factor that causes their schedule to repeat, students don’t have to follow the same routine 

Although each student does not have the same exact routine, limiting how much homework each teacher gives can make a noticeable difference. Finding time to spend with friends and family or even time to ourselves could bring positive benefits.  

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