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Stay healthy with these quick tips to prevent getting sick


With winter around the corner, flu and cold season is on the rise at Oswego High School. With many students getting sick, missing class is becoming a common occurrence for students.  

School district 308 recently released information on Nov. 7 to parents and guardians of district students about sick absences and health prevention practices to combat the rise in absences. The statement includes information about preventing the spread of illness as well as healthy prevention practices for students. 

With this recent information, here are some tips to prevent getting sick: 

Good hand hygiene 

“The best way to prevent the spread is to cover your mouth when coughing, use good hand hygiene, and wash your hands,” OHS nurse Ms. Jenny Pienkos said.

To practice good hand hygiene, make sure to wash your hands with enough soap to cover all surfaces of hand and wash with warm water. 

This also includes keeping your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth to stop the spread of unhealthy germs. 

Avoid contact with those who are sick

“Keeping a sick child at home will minimize the spread of infections and viruses in the classroom,” the district’s statement said. 

The statement suggests anyone with symptoms should stay home and contact a medical provider, as well as track fever temperatures. 

Be sure to keep a distance from those who may be showing symptoms to prevent the spread.

Throughout the school, OHS students have found their own ways to avoid getting sick. 

“I been sick free. I don’t touch y’all drinks,” OHS student Anna Bonness said after describing ways she stayed healthy. “I don’t let y’all touch my drinks and I don’t share chapstick.” 

Track symptoms

“There is an increase in respiratory illnesses like RSV or Flu A,” Ms. Pienkos said.

With the recent increase in illnesses, some ways students can identify symptoms can be to get tested or see a medical provider.

Symptoms that correlate with respiratory illness include fever, cough, runny nose, and other flu-like symptoms. 

Students with existing health conditions are at high risk of getting RSV, COVID-19, and the Flu. 

From illness to absence, make sure to stay healthy and educated. 

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  1. Great tips, Riley! Washing hands is SO important, and try not to chew pencils, fingernails, etc. Of course getting available vaccines to prevent illness is a great way to prevent the spread of certain illnesses, as well.

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