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Roar in the Jungle: Panthers weigh in on remote vs. hybrid learning

two student wearing masks are on the bus.
Freshman students Angelina Yeomans and Ava McManus take the bus to school for orientation on Tuesday, Jan. 26. Image credit: Angelina Yeomans

2020 sparked a lot of talk on how schools will decide to reopen, and Oswego High School implemented a plan to do just that. Students were able to choose between either staying fully remote, or choosing the new hybrid learning method. We asked some students about which option they chose and why they made that decision. In a recent poll posted on the 42Fifty Instagram page, a question was posted asking if students were going to be going in-person for learning. Out of 61 total responses, 31 people said they are going back and 30 people said they are staying home.

Did you choose to do remote or hybrid learning?

Freshman Jack Marcinkus: Remote

Freshman Lilliah Engel: Hybrid 

Sophomore Kaitlyn Jobes: Remote

Junior Joseph Frances: Remote

Senior Brittany Arias: Remote

Senior Emilia Doyle: Hybrid

What factors played the biggest role in this decision? 

Freshman Jack Marcinkus: “I was concerned about the safety of going back to school. I determined that it wasn’t safe enough for myself and the people I may affect to go back to school right now.”

Freshman Lilliah Engel: “My mom wanted me to go. She wanted me to be more focused and also have the teachers more focused on me.”

Sophomore Kaitlyn Jobes: “I was already in a schedule of being remote, so I felt like changing it and going into the school in the afternoon would take me away from that. I would rather go to school in the morning and do remote in the afternoon.”

Junior Joseph Frances: “Honestly how fast they made the decision, it didn’t seem that planned out and was not the safest option.”

Senior Brittany Arias: “[COVID-19] played one of the biggest roles in this decision. I have a big family living with me so if I were to even catch a slight cold everyone in the house would be affected. Remote was a much safer way for me to keep everyone in the house safe.”

Senior Emilia Doyle: I would say the factor that played the biggest role in my decision was the fact that I’m a senior this year. It’s really important to me that I get to have classes in the building where I’ve spent the last three years, and that I get the chance to make real connections with my teachers. I believe that if I was in another grade, I would continue online especially since the majority of my friends are in the opposite letter group.

Who made this decision, you or your parents?

Freshman Jack Marcinkus: “I made the decision.”

Freshman Lilliah Engel: “It was my parents.”

Sophomore Kaitlyn Jobes: “It was mostly me.  My mom and I talked about it, but I was really the one that decided that I wanted to stay remote.”

Junior Joseph Frances: “Both of us agreed. Yes, I wanted to see my friends, but my family’s health comes first.”

Senior Brittany Arias: “My parents and I both made the decision together. We both thought that it would’ve been better for me to go back because it would’ve resolved to a much more focused environment for me. But at the end it would’ve been a safer way for all of us from how things are going.”

Senior Emilia Doyle: “It was a mutual decision, but I know that if I really wanted to stick with online learning, they would support that too. I guess it was really up to me, but my parents agreed with my reasoning.”

What can the school do to help you succeed in the learning option you chose?

Freshman Jack Marcinkus: “Continue to be completely transparent with Google Classroom.”

Freshman Lilliah Engel: “I think not pushing too hard because things are new for everyone.”

Sophomore Kaitlyn Jobes: “Teachers keeping up communication with their students will really help with knowing when things are due and what’s going on.”

Junior Joseph Frances: “Being consistent with how they teach hybrid and remote, make them as equal as possible.”

Senior Brittany Arias: “The school constantly checking up on not only my work but as well as how the students are doing is a much helpful process. Not only is a student’s work important but as well as their mental health. Many students get stressed and especially being at home and not going out as much can mess with everyone’s lifestyle. So a check up constantly on students is a lot of help.”

Senior Emilia Doyle: “I feel it would benefit me to know that the school, staff, and students are being as safe as possible, while still finding ways to participate in the things we love about school. For example, socially distanced, sanitized, and masked versions of clubs, sports, and human interaction in the classroom.”

Other thoughts?

Freshman Jack Marcinkus: “I don’t know if it was appropriate for the district to decide to start in person with the current situation of COVID-19.”

Freshman Lilliah Engel: “Going back Monday went better than I expected.”

Sophomore Kaitlyn Jobes: “I think it’s good that people are going back. I would be okay with going back, but right now I’m a little hesitant to go.”

Junior Joseph Frances: “My only thought is that the school shouldn’t allow the amount of activities they are allowing, it’s just gonna make the spread happen more rapidly and isn’t covid-safe”

Senior Brittany Arias: “On Wednesdays, it’s supposed to be a catch up day for the students, but some teachers just assign a lot more work for everyone and it’s difficult to be able to manage work when there’s more on top of that.”

Senior Emilia Doyle: “Although I have done very well with the online routine education-wise, I wouldn’t feel content with graduating from OHS without meeting my new teachers, interacting with my classmates, and staying involved with my extracurricular groups and teams that I have grown with over the last couple years.” 

Whether you decided to stay home or go back to school, this year has affected everyone in many different ways. As the semester continues, many students might start enjoying the hybrid method or even begin to dislike it.

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