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Triston Green, Opinions Editor

Mr. Darren Howard elected president of IADA

Darren Howard in his office wearing an Oswego High School zip-up.

This is a new opportunity for Howard to work on a personal level with all members of sports-related activities within the state of Illinois, no matter the sport or level. As the president of this IADA, he can work towards improving the quality of athletic programs by making important decisions for all athletic departments in the state, working closely with other departments that manage high school level sports.

Are phones becoming too addicting?

In today’s society, many kids and teenagers are becoming more addicted to their phones as parents and others are giving them easier access to phones at a young age. When students are on their phones more, it causes them to lose focus and not have good attention spans. Phone usage is causing students to become more focused on their phones and their surrounding peers, rather than focusing on school and their future in education.

Applying for college: Am I doing it right?

"Applying for College"

A lot of students at Oswego High School do not know how to apply to colleges correctly or need help when doing so. Knowing all the required materials you need for college will help the applying process move along quicker. Here are five of our best tips for applying to college and finding out which college best fits you.

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