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A lot of students at Oswego High School do not know how to apply to colleges correctly or need help when doing so. Knowing all the required materials you need for college will help the applying process move along quicker. Here are five of our best tips for applying to college and finding out which college best fits you.

1. Research and find the right colleges

Start off by knowing what colleges offer your field of education. Specifically, look for colleges that are high in academic achievement, along with finding the specific class you are looking into. Usually, if a class’s title is even just one word off of the specific class you are looking for, it is most likely a completely different class. Be very specific when you are checking out which college courses you are choosing because you don’t want to take the wrong classes. Start looking through appealing colleges that provide what you want at the beginning of your junior year, and be ready to apply by the earlier half of senior year.

2. Visit colleges

Now here comes the fun part of applying to college: going to visit different campuses! College visits can help you refine your search and narrow your selection of schools down to make the applying process easier and more personalized. It’s best to view colleges before applying as it will help you decide whether each school you visit is right for you or not. Around five to six college campuses are around a good number of schools to go to and visit. You don’t want these college trips turn into a vacation, or meaningless time off from school. Don’t visit too many, keep it down to the ones you have at the top of your wishlist!

3. Get a head start!

Start planning ahead! Don’t wait until the last minute to start applying. A good time to start looking at different colleges is towards the end of your junior year in high school. The sooner you can apply, the better, as when you wait, you have a chance of losing certain colleges as an option to apply to.

4. Create a resume of sorts

Create a well-organized resume that includes beneficial notes that make your resume stand out. Include things like…

Your GPA

Colleges love to see that students applied themselves throughout high school and love to see a high GPA from each student. Colleges aren’t going to let just anyone into their school. Your GPA is one of the first things colleges look at in student’s applications, so study hard!

SAT Scores

SAT scores are one of the biggest parts of getting into a great college. These scores show colleges that you mean business and are very serious about getting into their school. SAT scores also show your academic level and test student’s readiness for college.

After school activities/clubs

Colleges love to see students apply themselves to extracurricular activities. They want to see that you have great time management skills between activities and schoolwork, along with applying yourself to different groups and making use of your free time.

5. Have confidence—apply!

Don’t be scared! College is going to be a lot different from high school, but you are going to find the right school that best fits you. Remember, don’t wait until the last minute to start looking at colleges and turning in applications.

Many other students are in the same position as you and want to go to the same schools as you do. If you follow these five easy steps, you will have an easy experience applying for colleges and figuring out which school you want to attend.

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