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Why you should listen to Rosalía: The next big thing in music

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Annabelle Rivera, 42Fifty

“¡La Rosalía!” 

Rosalía sang this now-iconic line in her hit song “Con Altura,” accentuated with her dramatically posing with one arm above her head. Since then, that movement has become a new Facebook challenge. Her music video for “Con Altura” has become the most viewed video for any female artist this year, with almost 900 million views. Her popularity, which is centralized in her native Spain, has exploded internationally.

Despite her overwhelming success, many people in the United States have yet to hear about the woman that the media is calling “Flamenco’s rule-defying renegade.” Her pure, unmatched talent is about to change that.

The Barcelona-born flamenco singer has been applauded for her voice, aesthetic, and performances. Her first album, 2017’s “Los ángeles,” put her on the map for exciting music newcomers. She received a “Best New Artist” nomination at the 2017 Latin Grammy Awards. Her video for “De Plata” earned praise for its setting and her excellent vocal stability. Still, Rosalía remained under the radar.

Her 2018 album, “El Mal Querer,” was named the best Latin Album of the Year by Billboard. EMQ is based on the 13th-century novel “Flamenca.” It expresses “Flamenca” ‘s toxic relationship within its 11 songs and has been praised for its experimental writing. 

Since the album’s release, Rosalía has performed at events like Primavera Sound, Lollapalooza, and Coachella. Her sound has been noticed by stars like Lele Pons, Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, Kylie Jenner, Blackpink, and Dua Lipa. She has also collaborated with many stars like J.Balvin, Ozuna, and C.Tangana. 

Her emotional and stable voice has serenaded millions across Latin America and is now crossing language barriers to other areas of the world. Some of her more critically acclaimed songs, which are listed below, are worth a listen.

What To Listen To:

MALAMENTE Cap.1: Augurio

This song was what started Rosalía’s career, and it’s no secret why. Released in May of 2018, the song instantly gained popularity for its addictive and original sound. It is the first song of El Mal Querer and starts the story ark. The lyrics talk about a woman getting into a relationship, knowing that it will destroy her. Rosalía pays homage to her home country of Spain with traditional flamenco sounds and cleverly incorporates modern trap to give “MALAMENTE” a unique instrumental. 

Con Altura

With “Con Altura,” Rosalía collaborates with reggaeton superstar J.Balvin and delivers a song that is so good, the music video for it has surpassed 900 million views. It is catchy and upbeat song that has helped put her on the map in the United States and the rest of the world. It even recently won “Best Latin” at the VMAs. This time, Rosalía leans slightly more towards her reggaeton side thanks to J.Balvin’s influence. She still manages to stand out from reggaeton’s usual beats thanks to her flamenco infused style. This combination provides a refreshing and original sound that deserves the attention it has been receiving.

 “PIENSO EN TU MIRÁ Cap.3: Celos

Another one-off El Mal Querer, “Pienso En Tu Mira” showcases Rosalía’s extraordinary songwriting ability. It is a heartbreaking song with her talking to a lover about their relationship, saying that their gaze is like “a bullet embedded in the chest.” She talks about how terrible she feels when they leave, so she must hold onto them tightly now. The music video is also cryptic and metaphoric, like when various truck drivers stare into the camera while blood pours from their chests. 

Milionària” + “Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero

These two songs come as sort of a two-in-one. The first song, “Milionaria,” is sung in Rosalía’s native language of Catalan. She boasts about how one day, she’ll have lots of money and can afford to buy expensive cars and islands. The song is accompanied by an electric video in which she plays a game show contestant who is eagerly playing games to win cash. It’s an upbeat, happy tune that sounds like it would play in the background of a highschool party on TV. The video slowly fades away as she disappears behind a curtain. Once the song dies out, the video transitions into something much darker. In Spanish, she sings “Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero” in a dark room lit only by the rings of fire surrounding her. Money falls from the ceiling as she solemnly sings of banknotes crying and how God may save us from it. The two songs fit together like puzzle pieces and magically present a glass-half-full, glass-half-empty view on money.

Rosalía’s unmatched talent is sure to take the United States by storm. She has also promised more music in the near future, including a collaboration with Billie Eilish. She shows no signs of stopping now. So, what is the tl;dr of this article? Listen to Rosalia. You’ll miss out if you don’t.

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