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‘Venom’ infects moviegoers with excitement

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Rating: 5 stars

The general public and critics all across the nation had high expectations for the movie “Venom,” directed by Ruben Fleischer. When the first trailer dropped, raves streamed from an audience that could tell it was a movie definitely worth watching.

In the first trailer, we see people taking samples to a lab and Eddie, the main character, getting infected by a symbiote. A symbiote is some sort of alien parasite that comes from a different planet, and eventually occupies the body to live in. Later, the security team comes to his apartment as Eddie transforms into a big, scary-faced creature known as Venom and destroys them. A super cool chase scene with Eddie on a motorcycle follows. The trailer ends with the security guy asking Eddie, “Who are you?” Eddie officially transforms and responds, “We are Venom.”  

This movie is about a man named Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), and how his soul gets taken over by an alien called “Venom.” Before he was taken, he lived a good life – he was even a famous news reporter. That is, until he conducts an interview with Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), who is the head of Life Foundation and, later on, is the guy whom Eddie wants to take down.

Throughout the interview, Eddie ends up digging too deep and starts asking questions that are unrelated to the job. It creates controversy that gets around, resulting in Eddie getting fired from his job and his girlfriend breaking up with him. After that, his life takes a turn for the worst – Eddie starts hearing Venom inside his brain. He tries to control Eddie by giving him dangerous abilities that Eddie finds intoxicating, causing him to make bad decisions.

This movie provides a bunch of action, along with some comedy on the side, which is typical when it comes to Marvel movies. That being said, “Venom” is definitely more intense than any other Marvel movie I’ve seen, because it’s not like every film where you find a foreign creature fighting off an army of men and winning. The story is straight to the point, and doesn’t linger on unnecessary details.

Not to mention, there were some scenes that really stood out to me. For instance, near the end of the film, Venom/Eddie encounters a robber at the convenient store. Eddie is familiar with the store owner and considers her a friend. The robber threatens the owner and Eddie turns back into Venom, delivers a monologue, and eventually eats the robber, using his superpowers. This stood out because in this scene, Venom is portrayed more as a hero rather than a villain by protecting the owner and her store from the robber. Also, there was a scene where Eddie discovered his new powers. When the Life Foundation Security force arrives at his apartment to take the symbiote back, Venom takes over and fights them by using his intense powers. This definitely stood out because of the fact that Venom/Eddie took on about five to six heavily armed soldiers. Even though Venom/Eddie was outnumbered, he eventually came out on top.   

If you’re looking to catch a new movie, I would highly recommend seeing ‘Venom. It will blow your mind! The effects were amazing, the acting was spot on, and the action was crazy. It’s your typical Marvel movie: lots of action, and sprinkled with comedy.

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