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Brian Krygowski, Staff Writer

Despite his death, can fans still expect Stan Lee to be seen on the big screen?

Stan Lee

Fans are wondering what the makers of these movies will do without Lee and his cameo appearances. Here are a few theories on what I think they might do for the cameos from here on out.

‘Venom’ infects moviegoers with excitement

“Venom” is definitely more intense than any other Marvel movie I’ve seen, because it’s not like every film where you find a foreign creature fighting off an army of men and winning. The story is straight to the point, and doesn’t linger on unnecessary details.

Brian’s Loaf of Life, Ep. 1: Pop Quiz! Should you use Quizlet to study?


42Fifty is proud to present the season premiere of Brian’s Loaf of Life! On the this week’s episode, Brian will be talking about if Quizlet is a good studying source or not.  

Staff Spotlight: Mr. Zachary Horn

Mr. Zachary Horn

Before he was a teacher at Oswego High School, Mr. Horn was a meteorologist in Indiana.

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