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BriGuy’s 6 tips on dealing with senioritis

Sticky note that reads "the only cure to senioritis is graduation"

Are you feeling like you want to do the minimum amount of work, and you just want to sit down and kick back a bit?  Then that means you have senioritis! Senioritis is when you feel like you need to take a REALLY long break during your senior year, and then your grades go down afterwards. There...

Brian’s Loaf of Life, Ep. 3: Act it up!


Do you want to start an acting career but don't have a good starting point? Well, look no further, because this episode of Brian's Loaf of Life can help with that!

BriGuy’s 2019 Oscar predictions

The Oscars logo

The Oscars are right around the corner! The question is, who will win a Golden Man? Here are my predictions on who will win at the upcoming Oscar ceremony, taking place Sunday, Feb. 24 2019.

Brian’s Loaf of Life, Ep. 2: A New Chapter


Brian’s Loaf of Life returns after its almost three-month hiatus for its second episode. On this episode, Brian will be discussing other ways to start the next chapter in your life.

Despite his death, can fans still expect Stan Lee to be seen on the big screen?

Stan Lee

Fans are wondering what the makers of these movies will do without Lee and his cameo appearances. Here are a few theories on what I think they might do for the cameos from here on out.

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