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Teacher Feature: Mr. Gary Mosley

Mr Mosley

Mr. Gary Mosley is a Special Education teacher that teaches and co-teaches Algebra I here at Oswego High School. He has been teaching at OHS for eight years. Mosley went to Waubonsee Community College, then he transferred to Illinois University, and finally to Benedictine University.

Aside from traveling to several colleges, Mosley has also traveled to many other cool places like Disney World for example. His favorite place he has traveled to is Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. Speaking of the Cubs, he shared his thoughts on their progress so far this season with me.

“I think they are doing pretty good,” Mosley says.

Aside from his love for the Cubs, Mosley loves seeing his students succeed. Even when the end goal is tough Mosley does suggest to his students to keep on trying no matter what, when it comes to a difficult problem on homework, a quiz, unit test, or maybe even a project.

Each teacher defines success in their own ways, but Mosley’s answer is the most interesting. To illustrate, Mosley’s favorite line is from the movie “League of Their Own”: “What you’re doing is tough; if it wasn’t tough, you wouldn’t do it.” In other words, he defines it as “failing at something and perseverance to achieve your goal.” Mosley is such an optimist in this case because he encourages his students to keep moving forward. That is such inspiration that Mosley provides because it is another way of saying “Don’t give up yet, buddy! You still got a long way to go in order to do what you want to do!”

In addition to success, I got to learn some fun facts about him, and they were also some surprising ones too. For example, one thing Mosley cannot resist is spending time with his kids, which make sense because every parent enjoys having time with their kids. I asked Mosley “What is the one thing that you does not like doing,” and he said “I don’t like painting.”

Mosley shared that if he wasn’t a teacher, he would want to get into sports broadcasting, commenting on sports, and being on shows on ESPN like “One Take.”I can DEFINITELY picture him doing this because of his hilarious personality. If you can imagine him doing an interview with a basketball player it would just be plain out great.

Finally, I asked Mosley to describe OHS in three words, where he had nothing but good things to say.

“ carefree, potential, and awesome,” Mosley says.

One thing about Mosley that surprised me was that he has a baseball hat collection of many teams, like the Cubs for example. Seems pretty interesting to me, maybe even impressive in other people’s perspectives! I honestly think that those were some interesting and fun facts about Mosley.

Overall, I think Mr. Mosley is a very cool dude and I learned some very cool things about him. Whether him being a sports broadcaster, having a sports cap collection, and to him talking about success in his own words for that matter. Mosley is known to have a very chill attitude and he deserves to be more than just a Special Education Teacher.

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