A group meeting between the student-athletes during the Lacrosse Clinic. Credit: Enrique Salas-Aguirre, 42Fifty
A group meeting between the student-athletes during the Lacrosse Clinic. Credit: Enrique Salas-Aguirre, 42Fifty

Next year, OH and OE are adding a whole new team of lacrosse athletes to their sports roster. Their new lineup is open to a range of students, from inexperienced fledglings to skilled lacrosse athletes from grades 8 to 11. There is an expected turnout of 50 students of any gender in the upcoming season.

According to the Professional Box Lacrosse League, lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport in North America, with 2.9 million people taking an interest in the last several years. Since it was formalized in 1867, its membership rate has increased by 579%, for reasons including approachability, opportunities, and safety.

A recent clinic hosted on Oct. 17 at OH allowed both new and experienced athletes to explore their interests. The clinic was open to grades 8 through 11 and hosted by Guest Coach Kylor Berkman from True Lacrosse. Athletes brought their own gear and were grouped based on skill. There will be another clinic on Dec. 14 from 7 to 9 p.m., for students who missed the first clinic and for those who want to continue participating. 

Lacrosse has been the interest of many students over the last few years, so why start now? In an interview with the OH Athletic Director Darren Howard, he talked about the thought process behind starting a new lacrosse team.

“[It] actually started it in 2016 to 2017… when it was approved, and at that time it was when IHSA began it as a state series,” says Howard.

“The District backed off of it because of the budget situation we went through. And then COVID, of course, so it’s just been bumped back a few years. We’re finally at the point where we feel as a district it’s time to move forward with it,” Howard explained.
While the exact date isn’t decided yet, the first lacrosse season will start in 2024- 2025. For any questions on lacrosse, students should contact OH Athletic Director Darren Howard at dhoward@sd308.org.

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