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Senior Column: An ode to everyone with a best friend


If I could give advice to all of the incoming freshmen, it would be to not make a best friend. Unless you plan on spending the rest of your life with this best friend, I am begging you not to make a best friend that you’ll spend every living moment of high school with.

I’m totally kidding, but also I’m not.

In October, I thought the hardest part of going to college was application season. In April, I thought it was committing to a college. Now, in May, I know that it’s really having to think about saying goodbye to my best friend. I’m sure that in July, the hardest part will be having to pack, and in August, it will be the actual goodbye, but right now, it’s just the thought. The thought of saying goodbye to my best friend freaks me out.

I met my best friend in sixth grade. I was the new, emo girl in sixth grade. I had black hair, black glasses, and oftentimes wore a black band t-shirt and black leggings. It’s only right that the second I see another emo, wearing a black Bring Me the Horizon hoodie, I immediately make friends with her.

Since sixth grade, everyone knew we were best friends. It’s been us two for seven years now! We’ve done everything together. From concerts to speech competitions to trips to the city, we’ve always been right beside one another. There’s no one who knows more about me than her.

By no means do I think we are going to lose contact in college. In fact, there’s still a chance we’ll be going to school in the same state. But, there’s also a chance that a lot will be different for us.

Right now, my best friend and I are sitting in the same building. If something funny happens in the class I’m in, I know that she’s in the class right under me laughing at my text to her about it. If I’m freaking out over a presentation in my seventh period class, I know that she did it yesterday and can run me through the process. If I need someone to talk to, I know that she’ll let me follow her around during my lunch period. I know that she’s here. I know that she’s within reach, and I know what she’s doing. I know she’ll respond. And I’m terrified of what I won’t know in college.

In the seven years I’ve known my best friend, I’ve seen her grow through the hardest times. Times that I doubted I’d be able to make it through. She is the strongest person I know. It’s just weird to me that we’re not going to be as close in distance next year. When I first started discussing what college I would go to with my older sister, I said, “I don’t want to have to make a new best friend,” and the thought hasn’t left my mind since. My best friend will always be my best friend. I will always call her my best friend, I will always think of her as my best friend, and I will always need her as my best friend.

So, to everyone with a best friend, drop ‘em before you get attached. 

I am so kidding. 

Just hold on tight while you have them. I am insanely grateful for my best friend — I don’t think I could have even considered college without her. And, I’m so grateful that we both have amazing opportunities to go to great schools next year. We are both so lucky, and I can’t wait to watch her continue to grow. I can’t wait to see her transition into this brand new phase of adulthood and watch everyone at her college fall in love with everything about her. She’s going to do so beyond well these next four years, and I couldn’t be more excited for her. 

To Scarlett: This is dramatic. I have a whole summer ahead of me filled with plans with you. But I miss you already.

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