Valentine’s Day is all about the appreciation and celebration of love, and there is no better way to celebrate love than to sit in front of your TV for hours watching countless romantic movies. This year, nothing will set your standards higher for the perfect February than some heartfelt rom-coms. Here are the top 5 rom-coms you should be watching this Valentine’s Day:

1. “Crazy Rich Asians”

This is a personal household favorite — I don’t know if it’s the big family “bond,” the gorgeous cast, or the obsession I have with the rich lifestyle, but I could watch this movie every night. This film is insanely beautiful, and I’m not just talking about lead actors Constance Wu and Henry Golding. From the vacations, to the dinners, to the weddings, every shot is visually appealing. For anyone family-oriented or lovers of luxury, “Crazy Rich Asians” is a perfect rom-com for Valentine’s Day.

2. “10 Things I Hate About You”

Anyone looking for a rollercoaster of emotions, this film is for you. Whether you find yourself identifying more with the coolest girl in school or her outcast sister, there’s a love story for everyone to enjoy. I particularly enjoy this rom-com because of it’s funny moments; most of the dialogue is painfully similar to how high schoolers still talk to one another to this day despite coming out in 1999. This film is such a fun watch, but be ready for tears. Perfect for the Valentine’s season.

3. “Clueless”

Everyone who sits back and watches other people’s relationships unfold, you’re about to have the time of your life. “Clueless” is the perfect V-Day watch because of its countless love stories in one! It really emphasizes the trip that finding love can be, in multiple cases, and it’s a great watch for those celebrating a Galentine’s Day, as it shows the importance of having your bestie by your side.

4. “13 Going on 30”

Who doesn’t love a first-love trope? “13 Going on 30” will have you curious about your future, putting yourself in Jenna’s shoes, and texting your ex. I’m kidding, please don’t text your ex, unless he’s anything like Matt in this movie. This is probably the purest on-screen romance you’ll ever see, of course paired with the perfect amount of 2000s outfits. 

5. “Prom”

If this is the one movie on this list that you haven’t seen before, I am so sorry. This Disney original is criminally underrated. Similar to “Clueless,” it consists of a few different love stories, but it also follows the importance of friendship. While it is very obviously aimed toward the audience that was Disney fans in 2011, I know we all still listen to songs by Hannah Montana, and that inner-child is still in us, and it would love “Prom.” Prom season is approaching faster than we thought! Dream about your perfect promposal with Disney’s “Prom.”

Honorable Mention: “Someone Great”

Beware – whether or not you’ve recently been through a break-up, you’ll certainly feel like you have been after watching “Someone Great.” This movie is the epitome of crying and laughing at the same time; while the entire cast has perfect comedic timing, it’s equally as heartbreaking. If you absolutely need a good cry this Valentine’s Day, this movie is for you.

Whether you’re staying at home with your boo, or going over to your bestie’s house to celebrate, a movie night is always a fun way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Grab a blanket, some popcorn, and enjoy some of the movies you saw on this list. Happy Valentine’s Day, Oswego High School!

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