The season of dress shopping and limo rentals is upon us: prom is less than a month away! It’s been two years since we last had this school-hosted dance, so here is everything you need to know about Oswego High School’s 2022 Prom.

The dance will be taking place on April 23 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Juniors and seniors are invited to experience the Enchanted Garden at Bobak’s Signature Events in Woodridge.

“We are trying to create an atmosphere where you walk through the garden gates to the ballroom,” prom co-sponsor Mrs. Jennifer Keto said. “It will be a bunch of twinkling lights, trees, flowers, just hopefully something magical.”

Along with co-sponsors Keto and Ms. Jessica Olson, the Junior Class Council has been working hard to get all of the details and specifics together.

“They pretty much planned everything; they picked out all the decorations, they picked out the menu, balloons, colors of the event, tablecloths, all that kind of stuff,” Keto said. “It’s nice to have student voice.”

After two years without a prom, the co-sponsors have come up with a new way to sell tickets. Starting April 4 until April 8 at midnight, students can buy tickets for $85 online.

“You’ll be able to go in, click your meal, and then buy your ticket and those of your guests too,” Keto said. “[The meal] is a chicken with lemon sauce, and then you will have a vegetable and some potatoes. We also will have a vegetarian dish, which is usually a pasta. For dessert is a chocolate mousse.”

Guest passes are available in the Dean’s Office now and are due by April 7 at 2:30 p.m.

“If you are bringing a guest, who is not a member of OHS, you have to pick up a guest pass from the dean’s office and turn it back into them before you purchase your ticket,” Olson said.

After tickets are purchased, students can go see Ms. Olson or Mrs. Keto in the Social Studies office before or after school, or during their lunch period to choose their seating.

“Basically we’ll have a binder of all 65 tables, and each table is either a 10 or a 12-top. You’ll just write your name down with your guest wherever,” Keto said. “But if you want to sit with a certain group, then you guys have to come together.”

This is the first OHS Prom since 2019, and the co-sponsors and committee couldn’t be more excited to be bringing it back.

“Considering the last two years, we didn’t have one, so we’re just excited and really happy we get to put it on for everyone,” Olson said.

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