On Feb. 1, 2022, School District 308 sent an email to Oswego High School staff, parents, and students regarding the next step the school has taken to reduce tardiness: “hallway sweeps.” The OHS Deans felt the need to address increased absences and tardiness after the first semester. The sweeps are a new attempt OHS is taking to ensure better learning and working environment for students. The sweeps are being conducted by deans, deans’ assistants, and school principals. 

“Our hallway sweep system is an effort to encourage students to be in class on time and to keep our building safe by being able to identify yourself through having a valid pass,” OHS Dean Ms. Aceret said. “We already have a policy in place regarding tardiness and consequences. Historically, we always work with students on a case-by-case basis.” 

The consequence structure is listed below. 

Consequence Flow


1-5 minutes – Warning 

6-10 minutes – 1 hour detention

11-15 minutes – 2 hour detention 

15+ minutes – 2 hour detention

Unexcused Class Absences:

One unexcused absence will result in one-hour detention.

The school’s email, sent to all, left students’ with a controversial point of view on the Hallway Sweeps protocol. Not all circumstances always lead to detention, but students’ deemed the protocol “excessive”. “If you’re just running late because your class is far away, it’s unfair to get stopped and issued detention,” sophomore Gabriel Cantu said. “Sometimes it’s not our fault to be one minute late.”

However, the deans state that they do consider the circumstances and consequences that come when getting hallway swept, explained furthermore. “If a student is not following an expectation, they are given due process to explain why they made the choice they did or any other important factors,” Aceret said. “Once a dean has determined if detention should be issued, parents and students are informed and date is provided for it. The detention goes on the student’s discipline record.” 

The information listed above is the policy for Oswego High School’s Hallway Sweeps. This new protocol has been in effect since Jan. 31, 2022. After the Hallway Sweeps were implemented, there has been a seemingly less amount of bathroom grouping and tardiness as a whole, confirmed by OHS staff and deans’. Hopefully, opinions will change with the new information provided.   

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