When you think of a downtown area, you’ll likely think of something old, vintage or antique. It’s the core of a town or city, holding great cultural and historical value leading ages back into the founding of the town. The architecture and atmosphere of Oswego’s downtown displays this feeling perfectly, and even has places that preserve and share history with anyone who stops by. Antique shops hold these relics of time, on display for anyone who decides to stop by. 

Happenstance Goods is chock-full of rustic goods. Credit: Annabelle Rivera, 42Fifty

Happenstance Goods

“Happenstance Goods” is one of these antique stores, tucked away in the heart of downtown Oswego. It’s a rustic building, small and lined with white wooden walls. Stained-glass windows are spread out along the walls, alongside shelves that display many antique goods. There’s something to look at and to learn about at every turn. From old doors, windows, and desks to records, roller skates, and games, this place has it all. 

“Our tagline is ‘antiques, vintage and cool stuff,’” co-owner Shannon Heckman said. “We have a vendor that provides primarily salvage items, which is really cool. Old doors, windows, farm boards, that sort of thing.”

After opening their Oswego location in August of 2019, owners Phyllis Barber and Heckman started carrying Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint. They also offer classes that teach people to use the paint to decorate their furniture. 

“We have a vendor that provides primarily salvage items, which is really cool. Old doors, windows, farm boards, that sort of thing.”

Shannon Heckman, co-owner of Happenstance Goods

Dusty Road Merchants

The more recently opened Dusty Road Merchants can be found on 5 S Madison St. in downtown Oswego. Credit: Annabelle Rivera, 42Fifty

Dusty Road Merchants opened seven months ago in downtown Oswego. The building is quaint and welcoming. Various antiques and vintage goods line the walls, along with some more rustic artifacts. 

“There’s different things all the time,” owner Nora Parker said. “We have a lot of custom furniture. So we have a woodworker, we have a welder and a couple people who refinish furniture.”

When you walk into the store, you feel right at home. Their mix between rustic and antique artifacts is very unique. Despite being such a small building, they offer a lot. You can buy jackets, books, signs, and much more. They also sell DIY paint for furniture, much like Happenstance Goods. 

Stonehouse Market

Stonehouse Market first opened about 2 1/2 years ago in downtown Oswego. Located in a cozy building right by the railroad tracks, it has a variety of products. 

“Vintage items, handmade pieces, and beautifully restyled furniture are offered,” Stonehouse Market wrote in a text message.“Personalized service, clever craftsmanship and selected vintage make the shop unique.” 

The building used to be a home, and it is set up as if it is. When you walk in, the store is designed with a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom, and more. The fact that it was a home makes Stonehouse Market all the more welcoming. It also carries Fusion Mineral Paint to paint furniture. The store has artifacts in every nook and cranny that are sure to entice anyone.Downtown Oswego is a historic place, and these antique shops help to preserve its history. For more information on these stores, visit their websites at Happenstance Goods, Dusty Road Merchants, and Stonehouse Market.

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