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Doja Cat’s ‘Hot Pink’ may not be doing so hot

Doja Cat's new album "Hot Pink"

Generally, the album had been met with positive reviews, and as long-time Doja Cat fans, we had expected nothing less. Doja Cat’s previous album titled “Amala” was one of our favorite albums to come out of 2018, with hits like “Cookie Jar,” “Morning Light,” and “Candy,” being our favorites off of the album. The deluxe version of the album in 2019 even introduced the likes of “Juicy,” “Tia Tamera,” and the infamous “Mooo!” With songs like these, we came into the new album expecting songs of the same level or better. But unfortunately, when it came to our listening of the album, we found that “Hot Pink” was actually rather hit or miss.

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ captures the hearts of ‘Animal Crossing’ fans everywhere

This weekend I found myself in a new place, having the experience of a lifetime. I went on a vacation to a deserted island in the middle of nowhere, where I found a stunning experience in a place teeming with life. The island was all my own! I could catch bugs, go fishing, and even have a house built there! Just for me!

The Downtown Rundown: Oswego’s antique shops

The interior of antique shop Stonehouse Market in Oswego, Illinois

When you think of a downtown area, you’ll likely think of something old, vintage or antique. It’s the core of a town or city, holding great cultural and historical value leading ages back into the founding of the town. The architecture and atmosphere of Oswego’s downtown displays this feeling perfectly, and even has places that preserve and share history with anyone who stops by. Antique shops hold these relics of time, on display for anyone who decides to stop by.

ELO’s album came “From Out of Nowhere” as a handcrafted love letter to the fans

This album brings the same old feeling from other works by ELO, yet managing to sound unique from the others. It’s a modern approach to the classic ‘70s era of rock, implementing an electronic and spacey synth and melodic and plucky guitar into their pieces. It replicates the feeling rather well, despite having been made in 2019. Jeff Lyne, the lead singer of the group, still to this day manages to exude an alluring charm from his voice that complements the various instruments that come together to make a track.

The Downtown Rundown: The Prom Shoppe and Bellagia

The brick exterior to the Prom Shoppe.

Bellagia has that same welcoming feeling, with a unique rustic and boutique feel. Beiges and whites come together with exurban furniture, along with the crystalline light fixtures. It feels fancy, yet like you’re right at home.

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