About one year ago I decided to begin my Eagle Scout project, knowing that I would want to use it to make my school a better place. Something that caught my eye was how the courtyard near the math and science department was very overgrown and not in good condition. As someone who loves the outdoors and hates seeing places in conditions like this, I decided that I would step up and make this courtyard look much nicer and usable. I have been planning this endeavor with the late Mr. Bill Nunnamaker and Ms. Meegan McCarthy, the Horticulture teacher, to make this a reality. In my project, we brought in and laid down new mulch and gravel, uprooted a dead tree while replacing it with shrubs, and cleaned out the center courtyard and placing bulbs in the center of the courtyard. It makes me so happy to see so many people come to my project, and I am very grateful for the time that they have donated to help make my project a reality. It could not have been done without all of them or the gracious donors that supplied all of my supplies and materials required for the project. Currently, I am finishing the paperwork to apply for the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest honor in scouting, before my 18th birthday. Look forward to seeing the beautiful flowers in the spring!

With thanks, 

Alex Arand, Eagle Scout Candidate

I would like to thank the following students and volunteers for attending my Eagle Scout Project workdays, as well as the following local businesses that graciously donated to help support my project.


  • Kenny Ampracha
  • Angie Lopez
  • Brianna Driscoll
  • Kai Veeder
  • Robert Johnson
  • Makenna Zwart
  • Amanda Stefek
  • Madeleine Chenault
  • Christian Mattern
  • Elliott Craighead
  • Gianna Guglielmi
  • Ryan Jednachowski
  • Katie Valdez
  • Kathy Valdez
  • Dylan Nariscal
  • Dacota Montana
  • Logan Goodbred
  • Kat Lenertz
  • Gracie Benstine
  • Shaely Whiting
  • Josh Lovell
  • Michael Arand
  • Collin Moran
  • Gabriella Curatola
  • Summer Hawkins
  • Creed McCord
  • Julie Carter
  • Grace Pearson
  • Logan Goodbred
  • Jacob Rowold
  • Joshua Haynes
  • Zachary Pietrowiak
  • Robert Frantik
  • Nate Hammer
  • Corey Hammer
  • Trevor Goodbred
  • Russ Petrowiak
  • Kai Veeder
  • Aidan Lassandrello
  • David Brennan
  • Jeff Miller
  • Martin Woosley
  • Steve Lovell
  • Douglas Balder
  • Cameron Balder
  • Matthew Zueli
  • Sean Elliot
  • Glenn Wille
  • Evan Wille
  • Lindsay Arand
  • Maria Arand
  • Meegan McCarthy
  • William Nunamaker
  • And all of the Custodial Staff!


  • Portillos of Oswego
  • Dunkin Donuts (Aurora and Oswego)
  • Dominos of Oswego
  • Sams Club of Montgomery
  • Starbucks of Montgomery
  • Home Depot (Oswego and Montgomery)
  • Semper Fi Landscaping
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