People walk throughout main street during the Christmas Walk.
Credit: Anthony Myers

Editorial Note: News & Sports Editor Lizzy Sorensen is on the Oswego dance team, which performed at the Christmas Walk. Entertainment Editor Andrew Provost was also involved as a in a Christmas Walk performance. They were not involved in the writing, reporting, or editing of this story.

The 2019 Oswego Christmas Walk was held on Friday, Dec. 6, from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in downtown Oswego. Allied First Bank presented the walk, which consisted of activities ranging from bucket throwing, pictures with Mrs. Claus, and a special performance from the Oswego High School dance team.

At the walk, they had a variety of events to attend at different periods; something was happening at all times. Next to the OHS dance team performing, there was a stage set up near Washington Street, where children taking current dance classes would perform Christmas themed dances, including various songs from “The Nutcracker.”

More aimed towards the children, there were guessing games, bucket tosses, and pictures with Santa and even pictures with the Disney character Abominable. Prizes for guessing games were held behind counters, and the participants almost always left with something in their hands. Even a train that would pick up children and their parents traveled around the entire Christmas Walk, dropping off and picking up new people every time it reached the end.

“There is an even mix , but of course it is a little more biased towards the little guys,” OHS senior David Stukas said. “ a huge community event which allows a bunch of people to get together and be joyful.”

The food offered there ranged from cheesy tater tots and burgers to funnel cake and just plain hot chocolate. Some of the featured food trucks there were Cheesies, Happy Lobster Truck, Grumpy Gaucho, Hahn’s Bakery, and My Funnel Truck, all of them seen with lots of customers throughout the evening.

“I want the food trucks and the bouncy house,” OHS junior Isabelle Ouille said. 

Main Street lit up with Christmas lights as people walk down the street.
People enjoy the Christmas Walk in downtown Oswego. Credit: Anthony Myers, 42Fifty.

Everything was incredibly festive. Lights were hung between lamp posts, and the Christmas tree was lit up. The shops around town had red and green strands of lights outside and winter-themed decorations inside. The Antiques Shop had many Christmas items displayed for customers coming in during the event as well.

“It is quaint; very fun,” junior Bailey Speer, who was another of many OHS students in attendance at the event, said of the atmosphere. 

Ouille said that she thought the Walk was charming and childish, saying that it was very appealing to the children, very colorful, and family-friendly.

It was only 22 degrees out, but many people came prepared, decked out in scarves, heavy jackets, boots, and many different kinds of hats. 

Although many people were commenting on the cold, the hot food offered by the food trucks seemed to solve that problem quickly. It wasn’t out of the ordinary here to see plenty of people walking around with a warm drink in their hands. 

“It’s kinda nice seeing this many people out and about, especially when it’s this cold,” Stukas said.

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