Oswego High School hosted the annual Big Cat Choral Festival in the auditorium with two 30-minute shows at 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. Along with the OHS students, junior high choir students from grades 7 and 8 performed numerous pieces through the concert. 

The purpose of the concert was to provide younger students with an opportunity to explore different branches of choir at OHS, so they could choose the one that interests them.

For an annual concert, Big Cat Choral Festival is an opportunity for junior high students, letting them get a feel for what the choir department is like in high school. It also provides parents with a chance to see what their children are going to be taking part in when they get into high school. 

The first group to start the 7:30 p.m. concert went by the name of the Oswee-Tones, singing “New Girl in Town,” originally by Jay Althouse. This group consisted of 18 students, all from OHS. The Oswee-Tones is a non-audition group, being in a choir class not necessary, but preferred. 

“In Oswee-Tones we would practice every Monday. The song we used to perform tonight was something we also did in the fall concert, so we kinda had to fine tune it,” junior Lauren Seaborg, Oswee-Tones and women’s choir member, said.

The second performance was by the group called Barber-Cued, which only had four members: senior Tyler Sendra, senior Tristan Ramos, senior Mark Melton, and senior Aden Lieseyz. They performed “Chordbuster March,” written by W.A. Wyatt.   

The third performance consisted of 13 freshmen and sophomores in a group called Ambience, who sang “Take on Me,” originally by A-Ha. The music was composed by Pal Waaktaar and Maggie Furuholmine.

The fourth performance consisted of the Thompson & Traughber boys and A Cappella Choirs. They sang five songs: “We Believe in Music” by Henry Leck, “Cumbia del Sol” by Arr. Audrey Snyder, “Ad Astra” by Jacob Naveund, “Paper Crane” by J. Reece Norris, and “Under Pressure” by Arr.Mac Huff.  

“We have practices for an hour, and I practice during my guided study time.” junior Marissa Rodriguez said. ”I’ve been hearing the crowd going wild for the Commotion kids.”

Competitive Commotion Choir was the last group to perform for the night. The theme of their first performance was the election of 2020, with “vote red!” and “vote blue!” being shouted through the first song. 

“It was a really good performance. Usually we are not as prepared,” senior Jessica Knutson said. 

The auditorium was packed with parents mostly for the junior high students. 

“ was a really good opportunity, especially for the eighth graders, giving them the experience that they will need if they with choir one they enter high school,” Knutson said.

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