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‘Mario Kart Tour’: Left in the dust or first-place finish?

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“Mario Kart Tour” has taken the world by storm. With a long-awaited release finally available to fans around the world, it is safe to say that the latest iteration of Mario Kart is a smash hit. Initially, the game was criticized for consistent money-grabbing mechanics. However, seasoned veterans and newbies alike enjoy the fast-paced racing game that introduces new gimmicks to the franchise. 

The game rotates content, themed around a city or event, every two weeks. Both new tracks, as well as returning tracks from previous titles, are playable. All tracks can be played in their original form, and unique to this title, playing tracks in reverse or with additional ramps. Additional challenges are also required to pass each section of tracks. They can also be used to acquire in-game currency in coins or rubies. Coins and rubies can be used to purchase new drivers, karts, or hang gliders; rubies can be bought through either the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Oswego High School students seem to love the easy-to-play mechanics of “Tour.” While junior Jess Flentge is no exception, she does still prefer the Wii iteration over the mobile one. 

Junior Jess Flentge (photo by Gavin Ross)

“It doesn’t have the same experience because I have such a fondness for my “Mario Kart Wii game, because I used to play it with my family all the time,” Flentge explains, “It’s come to the point where I associate the game with my family.” 

The game is currently exclusively single-player, which is another criticism from users. 

“It’s still that fun interactive game that you get to play,” Flentge states. 

“Mario Kart Wii” seems to be the most popular game in the series. Seniors Mitchell Rabick, Emily Jasiak, and Samantha Merrigan, expressed similar views to Flentge when it comes to playing “Tour.”  

Seniors Emily Jasiak and Samantha Merrigan (photo by Gavin Ross)

“ playing [“Mario Kart Wii”] with my siblings a lot when I was younger. It’s the reason I got into Nintendo games in the first place,” Rabick said. “‘Tour’ can never live up to that. It’ll never give me that same enjoyment.” 

Both Rabick and Flentge agree that the game is quick to pick up and relatively easy to play. Yet, it does not bring the same satisfaction that previous titles have brought. Rabick also brings up the lack of multiplayer as a huge problem of “Tour.”  

Senior Mitchell Rabick (photo by Becca Lambert)

“ make the game better than it already is,” Rabick said. 

Merrigan and Jasiak also would love to see the same multiplayer fun of “Wii” make a grand return. 

“ play like whole weekends straight with my cousins,” Merrigan said. 

Aside from the usual criticism, Rabick, Jasiak, and Merrigan claim that “Tour” is still a great game. 

Flentge and Rabick’s opinions on “Tour” are pretty universal. Many people believe that the game is decent at best, but could greatly benefit from some form of multiplayer. Nintendo has proven time and time again that their games can impact the gaming industry, and “Mario Kart” is one of their greatest hits. Yet, when fans from all over the world yearn for that same feeling they have when playing other titles, it leaves the game somewhat lackluster. An update is “coming soon,” and those all-too-familiar words leaving gamers everywhere questioning: “Is it ever going to come?” Only time will tell. 

Find “Mario Kart Tour” on the App Store or Google Play Store for free (with in-app purchases). 

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