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Electives fair showcases a gym full of opportunities

A student browses a table at the elective fair. Aaron Kolkay, an art teacher, talks to the student.
photo by Owen Meldon

Oswego High School hosted its annual elective fair on Nov. 14, during lunch periods. The event allowed students to learn about possible electives to take going into the next school year. 

During periods 4, 5, and 6, many different teachers gathered in the main gym to showcase the electives their respective departments offer. Students were able to tour the gym during their lunch or guided study and ask questions about the electives in which they were interested in. A few of the classes shown included visual and fine arts, Advanced Placement classes, English electives, career and technology-focused classes, along with a multitude of other options.

The electives fair allows students to branch out and find their future career interests through extra classes, as many students who visited had vastly different ideas about their post-secondary education plans.

The elective fair also provided an opportunity that gives teachers and instructors the chance to meet with prospective students to see if they would be interested in taking the classes they offer. Art teacher Aaron Kolkay, who teaches Pottery 1 and Art Foundations, found this process to be very beneficial.

“It gives the opportunity to walk around and actually talk to instructors that teach them,” Kolkay said. “Hopefully they have a display to see what could do.”

The displays at the elective fair also give students a more in-depth look as to what classes could be like if they decide to take them. 

Thespian society table at the OHS Elective Fair.
Many different classes and departments advertised their classes throughout the gym, including the International Thespian Society. Credit: John Kean 42Fify

“Nearly all the artwork on the display was made by students,” Kolkay said.  “It gives students a chance to see what they can do.”

Junior Landon Sebestin decided to go to the fair in hopes of looking at his opportunities for the next school year. Sebestin’s schedule is already filled with core classes he intends on taking; the elective fair gave him the chance to see what he can fill the extra slots with.

“I have a pretty good idea on the classes I’m going to be taking next year, ,” Sebestin said. 

Sebestin also mentioned that he was done with his required English credits and was thinking about classes he could take that could prepare him for college. 

“I’m going to be in sports administration,” Sebestin said. He also noted that he would be taking marketing and psychology classes next school year to give him a better idea of the career field he intends to be in.

Kolkay was also surprised with how the attendance by students varied from period to period that the fair took place. 

“I don’t know what was going on fourth period; it seemed very limited in terms of numbers. I think I only spoke to about eight kids total during fourth period,” Kolkay said. “Fifth and sixth seemed like there were hundreds of there.”

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