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Bass Fishing Tourney

OHS Bass Fishing Team

OHS Bass Fishing Team

On Thursday, May 3, the OHS Bass Fishing team took a trip to Lake Holiday to compete in the sectional tournament. The students that competed were Erik Lenertz, Jesse Corneliusen, Jax Hernandez, Tyler Jass, and Garrett Milosch.

Jesse and Tyler were on boat one and took 9th place overall. Erik, Jax, and Garrett were on boat two and took 12th.

Senior Erik Lenertz discusses his thoughts on the team’s overall performance at the tournament. “I would have liked to have done better, but seeing that a lot of boats didn’t even catch anything makes me feel a little better. It’s still encouraging to know we made the top half.”

This was the last tournament for the team this season. They had one other tournament prior to this one, in which they took 2nd place. This was the team’s best year yet.

“ was really fun…it was fun to hang out and go to the meetings. The tournaments were cool too.” Sophomore Jax Hernandez says.

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