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One Person Art Show


Riah Trevino, 42Fifty Staff Videographer

In February, art students are rushing to get their work done.

All year, students from the AP art classes have been preparing for this moment.

They have been working on multiple projects, just so they could be displayed at the One Person Art Show.

This show has been going on at Oswego High School for a long time.

The opening for each show are the evenings of April 23 and 30.

The display consists of the student’s “concentration” and “breath” pieces. Breath projects are anything the student decides to work on – and throughout the year, they make art that goes along a theme for their concentration.

The work featured in this show will also be ultimately used as a portfolio, which is submitted as their AP test. Judges look over their art and determine if they will be eligible for future college credit.

These classes are known for being student oriented. High school artists are able to work at their own pace, and create what suits their own interested, besides it being specific assignments created by a teacher.

There are three different AP Art classes, including Two-Dimensional, Three-Dimensional, and Drawing.

Art students and staff have been encouraging the public to see their work. Junior and 2D Art Student Audrey Mikelson said “We worked hard and we need to show what we’ve done.”

Mikelson’s concentration focuses on zombies in the 50s, focusing on superficiality and egos. She puts on special effects makeup and photographs them in antique clothing.

The show entails all the students having their very own display, along with a description of their work.

In a written piece, they explain the meaning and process behind their art.

These displays are put all around the school for the student body to see during the days leading up to the show.  

This is Mikelson’s first show. “I’m kinda excited, kinda nervous, cause you’re always self conscious about your art.”

Each student will be picking their date and location in the next month, said art teacher David Whipple.

Riah Trevino covers issues in public service announcements and Oswego High School community events. She can be reached at 61001185@students.sd308.org, or contact the publication  directly at 42fifty@sd308.org

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