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Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshot of the Hercules world.

Ever since the unexpected release of the trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2015, fans have been thirsty and hyped for the release of the game.

From 2015 till now Square Enix has kept the game and its progress hidden making the fans upset wondering whenever KH3 will ever show again.

Fortunately enough fans got their wish and new gameplay, news, and screenshots have been shown by Square Enix and the hyped has been relieved. But now after 3 years of hiding the game 60% of the game in general is finished and will be given to us this year and fans are loving the info Square Enix is giving them.

From what we know Pixar has teamed up with Disney to add new worlds to the game such as the highly anticipated Monsters Inc. and Toy Story have been confirmed.  

Other worlds such as Big Hero 6, Hercules, and Tangled and Twilight Zone have been confirmed. We were also promised a full date month release for the game during the E3 Video game expo so fans have been really excited and waiting patiently for the release date to come.

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