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Pre-Season Track Workouts


The track season for 2018 has already started and the preseason is in full swing. These workouts started at the beginning of November. The track coaches are always encouraging people participating in track to go to the preseason workouts.

Compared to how many people are in track, not too many go to the workouts.

Jimmy Gleason, track athlete who competes in discus, shot put, and the fat man relay, was interviewed for these workouts.

“We’ve combined the boys and girls this year so we currently have around I’d day 25 to 30 people,” Gleason said during an interview.

Even track athletes would be happy to see more people at these workouts.

“We would always like to see more people, but in terms of needing more people, I’d say we are pretty good right now. We’ve got a good group of people and it’s been going well.”

It is not mandatory to attend these workouts, but it will help those who would like to compete. Coaches have workouts planned out for the athletes.

“For the season, we start off with a dynamic warm up and go into short sprint exercises, accelerations, and flies and afterwards we take our way into the weight room and we have certain training regimen.” Gleason said.

The parts of the workouts consist of all athletes while other parts focus on certain events for track. This training happens often after school.

The workouts happen four days per week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday after school. The training does not stop when the track season starts.

Once the season starts, the workouts get more intense as they are trying to keep improving and competing.

The track season is not too far away. The season will start up in the spring which will come in a few months.

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