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2016-17 OHS Wrestling Team Will Be Missed


Wrestling is one of the toughest sports in America. A person can have to lose over ten or maybe fifteen pounds just to wrestle a weight class. Oswego High School has one of the toughest conditioning workouts for this sport. It could maybe be the toughest thing in high school for Oswego. There workouts aren’t for people that don’t put all their effort into something.

Last year they ha not won conference in decades. They have a pretty good team to do it again this year, but they will never have a 2016 graduating class wrestling lineup ever again.

The line up was Luke Pradel, Dan Majewski, Joe Majewski, Zach Clancy, Gannon Hughes and Kevin Alvarez. They were the top in their running line up.

And only one of them went to college to wrestle, and that was Luke Pradel.

Luke Pradel is a freshmen at University of Wisconsin Platteville and just placed sixth in his first ever college school tournament.

I talked to Luke and he said “that I really enjoy Platteville. The team is also like the family I had at Oswego. I really enjoy new things from a different coach. However the pace and the hardness is a lot tougher so it is hard. But it also makes me better so I enjoy all of it.”

Then he said, “Being in the real world is different for me to be away from my parents and living on my own. There is more freedom and a lot of responsibility. I still have coaches and friends to rely on but but it is tougher dealing with little things without my parents, but makes me a better man.”

There you go from Luke Pradel. One of the top wrestlers of Oswego. One of the nicest people you will ever meet; he always put others before himself.

Wrestling class of 2017 will be missed!         


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