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2017 Senior Night


This year’s football senior night had a number of sports participating ranging from, of course, football all the way to sports like golf or swimming/diving.

Not only sports are participating in this event, but the football’s support team consisting of marching band, cheer and dance. This year 140 athletes participated and this is approximately the same number as in previous years, but not only did 140 athletes participate, at least one person from each sport went going to this event. This event is put together by the Athletic Office and sponsored by the boosters program. Football senior sports night is “Still the same for the past 10 years” reports Sarah Miller, the athletic office secretary.  

This year’s football senior night went off without a hitch. Seniors and their parents were asked to line up after the third quarter in a specific order based on sport and name on the track. After everyone was lined up teachers helping with the event went around and handed out boutonnieres for the senior parents. These boutonnieres are to recognize all the senior parents for the sacrifices they have made with and for the senior athletes. This event is not only for the athlete, but is also for the parent. 

Seniors and their parents started by getting their picture taken together, and then proceeded to have their sport and names announced. Once they were announced, seniors and parents walked the length of the track.   

This night was very much geared toward honoring the senior athletes and I am very glad I got to attend as a senior athlete. This is a great way for the senior athletes and parents to be recognized for all of their sacrifices and hard work over the past four years,” states Sarah Miller, the athletic office secretary, about her thoughts of this night.

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