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Keller’s Farmstand in Oswego offers memorable fall fun

Welcome to Keller's Farmstand! Credit: Jayden Doty
Welcome to Keller's Farmstand! Credit: Jayden Doty, 42Fifty

Since its opening in 2007, Keller’s Farmstand in Oswego has become a fall season staple and must-attend attraction. As generational farmers, the Keller family has been dedicated to their multiple locations for decades, developing their iconic autumn activities that are beloved by all who visit. 

“The staff and everything is super fun,” said junior Abby Geers. “I think they make it a very nice, engaging opportunity for the family.” 

The main attractions of the farmstand include their impressive apple orchard, beautiful pumpkin patch, and fun corn maze. They also sell crops grown at their locations, offering fresh produce and animal products to the local community. 

The entire family can have fun with a trip to the farmstand. Keller’s also includes activities with farm animals and play structures, perfect for kids. Family members of all ages will have something to enjoy and create lasting memories. 

Due to their apple orchard and store, Keller’s is a great place to get fall foods such as apple cider, baked goods, produce, and local honey. 

“I feel like the apple picking experience is the top-best-ever because there’s nothing like a fresh-picked apple,” senior Olivia Mikelson said. 

Keller’s Farmstand also supports the Oswego community by employing students in the surrounding area. Many students at OH are employed there throughout the summer and fall months. They work in the stores, on the orchard, and aid guests around the farmstand. 

“I love working there now because the environment is so good for employees,” Mikelson said. “They always make sure that you have enough food, enough water, and they constantly check in.”

With Keller’s evident dedication to agriculture and the use of natural resources, OH students, such as those in the Horticulture Club, attend Keller’s farm for its educational resources and the bonding experience it creates. 

“It’s a really nice way to get engaged with that aspect of the club,” said Geers, an officer of the OH Horticulture Club. 

Keller’s farm makes a great fall outing to go on either with family or friends. With plenty of activities, food, and opportunities, it is a quality experience that anyone in Oswego will enjoy. 

“I feel like it is such a core family bonding experience or friend bonding experience because you get to be with nature,” Mikelson said.

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