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NF’s album ‘Hope’ is ineffable

On April 7 rapper Nate Feuerstein, better known by his stage name of “NF,” released a new album that he dubbed “Hope.” This is NF’s fifth studio album and a continuation of masterful storytelling through his music. The album became No. 2 in the U.S. Billboard 200, placing second to Morgan Wallen’s “One Thing At A Time”. 

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I’m going to be taking a look at the songs that I felt best emphasized his evolution in both his music and personality.


Being the opening track as well as the title track, a lot of this album rests on this song, and boy does it deliver. This song, as well as the music video released alongside it, perfectly exemplifies NF’s growth as an artist and as a person. This song contains a lot of references to his past songs and shows the newly invigorated battle of his sense of hope versus his sense of hopelessness. 


The second track off of his new album and the only other song besides “Hope” to be released early, “Motto” places emphasis on Feuerstein’s renewed sense of not caring about what others think of him. With a powerful and infectious energy, this song really sets the hype for the rest of the album. 


The fifth song comes with quite a big tone shift. It deviates from NF’s usual style, starting with string instruments and slower vocals. He sings about the comfort that pain can bring if you’ve experienced it long enough and the fear of vulnerability. I think this is one of, if not the most powerful, song of the album. The chorus sums it up perfectly with him saying he “can’t imagine who’d be if was happy.”


After “HAPPY,” this song gives the listener a sense of whiplash with how quickly NF returns to his normal energetic rap style. My personal favorite of this album, this track showcases Feuerstein’s  immaculate flow and beat to match. With pounding sharp beats changing to more subtle rhythms, this song is perfectly described by its name. 


The eighth song of “HOPE” and one of the most interesting of the album, “GONE” is a fresh take on a love song broken into two parts. The song contains a fascinating bridge between the two verses where sharp beats fall to silence while a melodic piano plays in the background. Both NF and the featured artist Julia Michaels who plays the persona of the female, sing about wanting the other person to be happy regardless of a failed relationship. 


The penultimate song of the album, “LET EM PRAY” has my favorite flow and beat. The second verse of this song might be my favorite part out of any of his songs. The beat is somewhat eerie and makes you feel like you take on the world but as a villain instead of the hero. It also contains one of his coldest lines with the amazing “See you prayin’ on my downfall. Go on, keep on prayin’; God ain’t listening.”

NF continues to be an artist that only gets better as time moves forward. Each album that he releases always seems better than the last, and “HOPE” is no exception to this. This album beautifully shows his evolution as an artist and as a person, and I am thrilled to see what else he will create for his next album. 

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