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Ryker Stevenson - Arts and Entertainment Section Editor

Hello my name is Ryker Stevenson and this is my second year on 42fifty. I am a senior and currently participate in chess club, speech and co-captain for scholastic bowl. I am happy to be back and to serve the publication again as the Arts and Entertainment Section Editor.

A Muddling of Education Priorities: The Impact of Politics

AP Psychology textbook

In Florida, politics and law have begun to meddle with the public education system. A new law instated by Governor Ron DeSantis that prohibits talk of sexuality and gender in the classroom has now been cause to try and remove the AP Psychology class from Florida schools. Due to the unit in the class that covers the effect of socialization...

September game review: A Masterclass in game design

Game cover of Baldur's Gate 3

With the new school year upon us, I decided to start a series of game reviews. Every month I will review and share a new game as I have a lot of opinions about video games. This month, I review “Baldur's Gate 3.”  “Baldur's Gate 3” was first announced in Feb. 2023, 23 years after the second one, and was in...

Gaming Area: Episode 3

Gaming Area Podcast Logo. Credit: Eddie Phelps

In this episode of Gaming Area, we discuss movie adaptations of video games and what makes (or breaks) them. Whether it be a cult classic or box office failure, they play an important part in video game culture.

NF’s album ‘Hope’ is ineffable

Rapper NF on stage during a tour

On April 7 rapper Nate Feuerstein, better known by his stage name of “NF,” released a new album that he dubbed “Hope.” This is NF’s fifth studio album and a continuation of masterful storytelling through his music. The album became No. 2 in the U.S. Billboard 200, placing second to Morgan Wallen’s “One Thing At A Time”.  Related: Read 42Fifty’s...

Dungeons and dragging people together at D&D Club

Students playing Dungeons and Dragons after school

Oswego High School has a lot of different clubs and activities that go primarily unnoticed by the average student. Dungeons and Dragons, typically shortened to DnD, is the most popular tabletop roleplaying game or TTRPG. The game consists of a little bit of math, a lot of imagination, and a group of like-minded gamers.