On Nov. 9, Oswego High School’s first signing day of the school year took place for athletes who have committed to schools to pursue their athletic careers for each of their sports. In total, 12 students signed to colleges, all from various sports.

“There are 8 million high school athletes and only 480,000 of them move on to college,” Darren Howard, OHS Athletic Director, said to begin the event. 

Before their official signing, each coach said some words of inspiration while also speaking on the athlete’s various accomplishments and character.   

“This doesn’t happen, and the other signees [don’t] happen, without the support of some very special people- the families,” Daniel Okoren, the girls’ bowling coach, said while introducing senior Lani Breedlove

The room was filled with friends, families, and coaches who were there to support the athletes as they made a substantial commitment to their passions.  

These are the 12 athletes and the schools they will be attending to continue their sports:

Lani Breedlove 

Dressed in Navy, Orange, White OHS competitive attire, bowler Lani Breedlove throws a bowling ball down the bowling lane.
Image Credit: Alejandro Rodriguez

Lani will be attending the University of Nebraska, a Division I school, to continue her bowling career.

Julianna Pignato 

Juliana will be attending Ashland University in Wisconsin, in order to continue her swimming career. 

Braison Goehring 

Close-up picture of the OHS defending line that shows players 67 and 73, they are on a football field. Braison Goehring is player 73 and he stands ready against the opponent. He is dressed in the white version of the OHS football uniform.
Image Credit: Braison Goehring

Braison will be attending Aurora University, with the goal of continuing his football career. 

Audra Soderlind

Cross Country Runner Audra Soderlind running through dirt and mud at the IHSA Cross Country State Finals. She is wearing an orange Adidas track outfit with pink track shoes. On her shorts and tank top in bold is number 2080 surrounded by a white square. There is an audience watching from the sidelines.
Image Credit: Audra Soderlind

Audra will be attending the University of Iowa, a Division I school, to continue her running career. 

Zoe Precup 

The picture depicts a closeup on a baseball field- specifically the Pitchers circle- while a fence and audience is visible in the background. Softball Pitcher Zoe Precup is mid pitching stance as she throws the ball. She is wearing the OHS standard softball uniform- orange high socks, white pants, and a navy blue Oswego labeled shirt labeled with her number, 18.
Image Credit: Zoe Precup

Zoe will be attending the University of Wisconsin Lutheran College, in order to continue her softball career. 

Cori Kennedy 

OHS Softball Catcher Cori Kennedy crouches clad in orange, glove hand outstretched ready to catch the ball. Behind her stands the Baseball field fence, an audience. To the right of the photo, the referee is standing by, watching.
Image Credit: Cori Kennedy

Cori will be attending Jacksonville University, a Division I school, with the hopes of continuing her softball career.

Anna Johnson 

This photo captures a moment in time, with soccer player Anna Johnson dribbling the ball down field while a defender tries to stop her. Located behind them are the bleachers, fellow high school students supporting the team, and an audience. Anna is dressed in the OHS competitive Navy and Orange soccer uniform, the number 20 shown on her jersey. Her opponent is dressed in full White, the number 18 emblazoned on her back. 
Soccer player Anna kicking around a girl on the field
Image Credit: Anna Johnson

Anna will be attending Lindenwood University, a Division I school, to continue her soccer career. 

Kennedy Hugunin 

OHS volleyball player Kennedy Hugunin jumps high on the Volleyball court in order to spike the incoming ball. She is dressed in the Navy OHS volleyball uniform, tan knee-pads, and white Nike socks and shoes. Behind her is two of her teammates in motion, keeping track of the ball. The background shows the OHS Athletic Gym bleachers, a small audience, and the score-keepers.
Image Credit: Kennedy Hugunin

Kennedy will be attending St. Ambrose University, with the goal of continuing her volleyball career.

Ryan Miller 

It is the beginning of the 2nd Inning as OHS Baseball Pitcher Ryan Miller stands on the pitching mound, ready to throw the baseball. He is in the Oswego Baseball uniform; it is mostly white with Orange accents. There are high Navy and Orange striped socks, white shoes,  a Navy long-sleeved t-shirt underneath his jersey, and a Navy and Orange Panther Baseball Cap. Behind him is the rest of the field and the Panther Baseball scoreboard reading 0 scores for both teams, 0-0 pitches, and one inning past.
Image credit: Ryan Miller

Ryan will be attending Southwestern Illinois College, working to continue his baseball career. 

Cade Duffin 

A back shot of player Cade Duffin as he adjusts himself on home plate, getting reading to bat. His uniform is the OHS baseball uniform, and is mostly white, except for the large orange number 30 printed on his back. Besides the ones on his hands, he has a second pair of gloves held in his back pocket. The background shows the Baseball field fence.
Image credit: Cade Duffin

Cade will be attending the University of Springfield, with the hopes of continuing his baseball career. 

Bryson Mello

This picture captures OHS Baseball player Bryson Mello mid-pitch on the pitcher's mound, concentration shown on his face. He is dressed in the official OHS baseball uniform which is mostly white save for the Navy and Orange striped socks. Behind him is the back OHS baseball field fence.
Image credit: Bryson Mello

Bryson will be attending Ft. Scott Community College, in order to continue his baseball career. 

Tyler Stack 

OHS Baseball Catcher Tyler Stack kneels crouched on the ground behind Home Plate, hand outstretched, ready to catch the ball. He is dressed in the OHS Baseball Catcher uniform; an orange jersey, white baseball pants, and the protective shin, chest / abdomen pads, and headgear. Along with this, he has painted thick black lines vertically under his eyes that span his cheeks. Behind him is a black-clad squatting referee. The out-of-focus background shows the Baseball fence and padding, and the audience watching from the sidelines.
Image credit: Tyler Stack

Tyler will be attending Xavier University, a Division I school, with the goal of continuing his baseball career.

OHS is extremely proud and grateful for these athletes and all their amazing accomplishments. We wish them the best of luck as they round the 3rd base of high school and run home to college.

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