A split picture of Anna Johnson on the basketball court and soccer field.
Photo Credit: Liliana Murillo

Senior Anna Johnson is a well-known, accomplished athlete at Oswego High School, excelling on both the basketball and soccer teams. She has won various Athlete of the Week awards and was an all-sectional athlete for soccer last season. She has also broken two school records, one for the most steals in a game of basketball and the second for the most career goals in school history. 

The winter season is busiest for Johnson, as travel soccer and school basketball run at the same time. 

“In the winter, normally I’ll have basketball practice every day and then games mixed in, and then at the same time, I’m doing club soccer,” Johnson says.

Currently, Johnson is in her soccer season, she plays in the forward positions and is also team captain.

“Last year, our record was 18-10, and we were second in conference,” Johnson says. “We want to win either regionals or conference this year.” 

Even with active engagement in sports, Johnson still focuses to excel in her schoolwork as well.

“I have my priorities set straight and that school always comes first,” Johnson says. “I plan out what I want and then prioritize what’s important from there so that I can be both happy and organized at the same time.” 

At school, Johnson is involved in the National Honors Society and the athletic training program, which both require loads of community service hours and time spent out of school. It is clear that Johnson pulls a lot of weight in both her sports and academics at OHS. 

“She is the most hard-working girl on and off the field,” senior Cameran Guzman, Johnson’s friend and teammate, says. “She is a great teammate and is always positive and phishing us to be better even though she’s one of the best players. She knows there is more that she can improve on and work on.”

Anna Johnson juggling a soccer ball past an opponent.

Some of the greatest players are only great because of their humble charisma, which Johnson continuously shows. Johnson gathers inspiration from others in order to maintain her confidence and hard work. 

“My biggest inspiration overall is my mom for everything I do,” Johnson says. “She is just a cool person and I just love her so much.” 

Julie Ertz, American soccer player has been a huge athletic inspiration for Johnson and who she aspires to be as a soccer player. 

“She works so hard, and I always try to depict that she is also such a good leader on her team, and everyone enjoys being around her, and I hope I can do that for people,” Johnson says. 

Guzman thinks Johnson has already achieved that goal. 

“She is always picking everyone back up if they are falling and gives very good judgment on the field in order for us to get better,” Guzman says. 

Johnson will continue her athletic career playing Division 1 soccer at Lindenwood University in Missouri, where she plans to major in exercise science. 

“I am really looking forward to just a new environment and starting fresh with something and getting to work hard for something new,” Johnson says. 

Johnson’s hard work, determination, and personality will be missed at OHS. Her athletic success will forever be remembered by teammates and coaches now and in the future. 

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