If you’re anything like the rest of Emma Chamberlain’s comments section, you have been dying to know what she is wearing this summer so that you can follow suit. Lucky for you, I have been digging through her recent Instagram posts and YouTube videos to find out what we are wearing this summer. 

Emma Chamberlain first rose to fame after making high school vlogs in 2017, and her messy buns, scrunchies, and careless attitude quickly made her the most relatable girl on YouTube. Her channel took off to the point where she was able to graduate early and make a living off of videos. Since, then we’ve seen her fashion career take off as well, with invites to Fashion Week and collaborations with clothing brands.

Emma Chamberlain has often been looked up to by our generation for upcoming trends and styles. When she wore teddy jackets, we bought teddy jackets. When she wore yoga pants and crewnecks, we wore yoga pants and crewnecks. I hope your wallet’s ready, because here is what it looks like we will be wearing based off of Emma’s recent outfits:

Funky rings 

Image from @emmachamberlain on Instagram 

We’ve already seen Emma’s creative nails posted on her stories and shared in her videos, but who knew they could look even better with matching rings. Clay rings with unique shapes have been on trend for a while now, and it seems like Emma plans on keeping it going with some bright colored rings throughout the summer.

Shop the look: monchermoi.com

Dark top, bright pants

Images from @emmachamberlain on Instagram 

Nothing makes a statement quite like an accent color, and this summer, we’re going to be seeing a lot of bright colors happening. As we transition into warmer temperatures, a black baby T-shirt and bright flowy pants will be a staple.

Shop the look: iamgia.com, miaou.com

Statement purses 

Image from @emmachamberlain on Instagram 

Life isn’t perfect, but your accessories can be, and Emma Chamberlain knows all about that matter. The outfit pictured is a perfect example—a fully dark outfit with a statement purse is eye-catching, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing it all summer. What’s better than something that holds your belongings and attention?

Shop the look: susanalexandra.com

Monochrome pattern clashing 

Image from @emmachamberlain on Instagram 

I can’t believe I am defending pattern clashing, but Emma Chamberlain has done it again. The perfect going-out outfit is hard to find, especially if you don’t want to be wearing jean shorts and a tank top for the sixth time in a week, and if you can’t choose between two patterns, why not wear both? Matching colors will bring the whole look together, and don’t miss Emma’s use of funky rings in this picture!

Shop the look: baunstudio.com

Midi skirts

Image from @emmachamberlain on Instagram

Many have been sharing their love for midi skirts online, and they’re truly a perfect fit for any outfit this summer. While midi skirts are ensured to keep you cool in the sun, the pattern you choose or top you pair it with will make it the ideal look for every event.

Shop the look: jacquemus.com

Emma Chamberlain is still sharing TikToks and Instagram posts with new outfits that we’ll be seeing on Pinterest all summer, so be sure to stay updated with the looks she continues to post as the temperature climbs.

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