With a cinematic universe over 7 years in the making, Godzilla vs. Kong had a lot of hype to live up to. For weeks before the showing of the film, there was a large internet presence, including fan theories, meme’s, general debate over the concept. Godzilla vs. Kong lived up perfectly to fan expectations; with an incredible showing of both the titans’ strength and power, the action of the film was not disappointing.The film completely delivers on what the title promises — throughout the entirety there is a constant struggle and anxiety between the possibility of two title characters clashing together. 

It was a visually striking movie, with even just the introductory scene making a generous showing of the incredible CGI work that was put into the creation of the scenery and the titans. Kaiju movies, a Japanese genre of film featuring giant monsters, are infamous for their poor characters yet the human portion of the film was pleasantly entertaining, with a great chemistry between Millie Bobby Brown’s and Brian Tyree Henry’s characters (Madison Russel and Bernie Hayes). There are 2 main plotlines in the film; the more titan focused part is from the point of view of Monarch, a government division established since 2014’s Godzilla. Monarch is working to find a solution to where they can store King Kong as he is in danger from Godzilla when he is on the earth’s surface. This plotline is formed as an adventure film. There is also a  large, more human based mystery portion in the film. A few characters try to find out why Godzilla was being so aggressive and the conspiracies behind APEX, the villainous reversal of Monarch that works as the antagonist of the film. The mystery part could have been very surprising to those not particularly familiar with the history of Godzilla’s films, but fans of the pop culture icon had likely figured out the mystery within the first half of the movie. The action portion of Godzilla vs. Kong was incredibly well directed. Godzilla was widely believed to be more powerful than King Kong so the film had to make many showings of Kong’s strength in order to more fairly pin the two together. 

King Kong was considerably larger in this movie compared to his 2017 appearance in Kong: Skull Island. This caused a lot of criticism from Godzilla fans who claimed that Warner Bros. and Legendary had shrunk down or “nerfed” the character. That claim is false considering that Kong: Skull Island took place in the 1970’s. A large criticism of movies with high amounts of CGI is that there is a lack of “weight” to the action, as though there were two toy dolls fighting in the vacuum of space. However, this does not apply to Godzilla vs. Kong; every roar, punch, and attack felt incredibly powerful, with the surroundings being harmed from their presence. The film was enjoyable as both a movie of spectacle and an adventure movie, but, unfortunately, the ending was predictable. The appearance of Mechagodzilla was known by fans and trailer examiners since the first trailer came out back on January 24, 2021. 

Since the appearance of Mechagodzilla was all but certain, the next guess by theorizers was that King Kong and Godzilla would team up and defeat Mechagodzilla as partners, and this theory proved to be correct. The predictability of the film was a big setback in the tension built up from the rest of the film. There are also some who hoped to see the fight between Godzilla and King Kong to be lethal to one of the kaiju, and those specific viewers found themselves disappointed in the non-finality of the fight.Godzilla vs. Kong was a spectacle of a film. With incredible action and an enjoyable human based plot, the movie was able to deliver on all the promises made during their marketing and respected the two pop culture idols’ history and expectations. The future of the Warner Bros./Legendary Monsterverse is uncertain, but Godzilla Vs. Kong would be a fitting end to the four-film-connected story.

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