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The sleep deprived guide to Monster Energy Drinks

Monster Energy. Less caffeine than coffee, more sugar than soda, and less nutritional than breakfast. A perfect addiction for the sleep deprived. As a person who hasn’t gotten a good night's sleep since 2016, energy drinks have been essential to my diet for years. I’ve drank at least one Monster a day for months much to my...

The Black Student Association changes during Black History Month

The Black Student Association (BSA) of Oswego High School was founded in 2017 by Ms. Shaunise Thomas, who has been the leader of the BSA since its founding. The Association is open to all students who wish to learn about Black tradition, its cultures, and important events in Black history. Today, there are around...

3 years after cancellation, Daredevil is a must-watch once again

(heavy spoilers for "Hawkeye" and "Spider-Man: No Way Home") Charlie Cox’s Daredevil has been one of the most esteemed characters in the Marvel universe since its first season on Netflix in 2015. The “Daredevil” show ran for three seasons, ending in 2018, and fans of the show were outraged at its sudden cancellation, but...

In-Person school: The risk SD308 shouldn’t be taking

Almost two years ago, on March 13, 2020, we as students were told we were no longer safe to be in school. As a population of over 2,000 students in one building, the possibility of COVID-19 being spread was too much of a risk to take. On March 13, 2020, the total number of cases in the...

Student workers stress & mental health suffer due to labor shortage

Since the start of school in August many students have continued to work or gotten jobs in the past four months. The students who are working today face more stress and more sleep deprivation than what can be considered normal or healthy. One of the reasons for this decline in student mental health: America is facing a labor shortage. 

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