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During mid-March, the outbreak of COVID-19 evolved into a pandemic affecting families all across the world. This has left people having to adapt to working from home and students shifting to an online learning program. This outbreak has also left stores low on supplies such as food, toilet paper, and other appliances that people need to stay healthy while following government instituted quarantine. 

Since everyone on Earth has been affected in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic, our publication decided to put together a list of experiences we’ve had during this quarantine.

Evan Sharrard

Evan Sharrard, Sports Editor:

My experience with the outbreak has been a mixed bag. While I’ve enjoyed the extended time away from school thus far, I can’t stand the agony of being without sports to watch, especially March Madness. As an avid college basketball viewer and Kentucky Wildcats fan, March isn’t March without the NCAA Tournament. The postponement and potential cancelation of the NHL, NBA, and MLB season are just icing on top of this chaotic coronavirus cake. Just like the professional sports leagues, local sports are postponed and will likely be canceled if the conditions don’t improve enough by March 31st. To me, this “break” is far less enjoyable than the currently impossible corona-free alternative where sports are still being played.

Triston Green

Triston Green, Opinions Editor:

I really don’t know how to feel about this whole quarantine situation. I am loving the time at home and not having to worry about waking up on time, but this online learning program is not my thing. It’s so complicated to communicate with teachers over email since some don’t respond right away, and it’s just boring. Sitting inside my house while not being able to even step foot outside is horrible. On top of that, the Fine Arts Department trip to New York was even canceled. This feels nowhere close to an “extended” spring break to me and I want to be out of it as soon as possible. 

Anthony Myers

Anthony Myers, Staff Writer: 

I’ve been trying to stay away from the media because I know if I do I’ll have a panic attack. I’ve just been keeping myself busy with playing video games like Mario and paladins and listening to a 7-hour music playlist I made for myself. I miss my friends a lot but luckily I got FaceTime. Other than that I’ve been pretty good. I haven’t been trying to think about it too much.

Brett Fetro

Brett Fetro, Staff Writer: 

If I’m being completely honest, I have been handling this quarantine a lot better than I thought. While obviously there are many negative factors from this virus, it seems I have been pretty optimistic and noticed many positives to this tough and unimaginable situation. The amount of free time that has opened up is absolutely mind-boggling, as now I am able to do some of my favorite hobbies that I never had time to do while I was busy with school. I have been able to do things like practice my saxophone, watch way more movies and YouTube, do puzzles, get proper sleep, and even play video games. Last summer was probably the last time I touched my PS4 because my time is so booked with my busy school life. While the focus on “me time” has been very relaxing, I know for sure something is missing: the social aspect of life. Before the Coronavirus blew up in our faces, I would spend almost every day of my life surrounded by friends and peers. Whether it was in school, on the weekends, after school rehearsals, or even out to get food, this is something that felt like a normal daily activity. Now that we have been stuck inside of our homes, I haven’t seen people in what seems like forever. To go from seeing and interacting with people literally every day to go about three weeks without seeing people other than family makes it feel like there’s a missing hole.

Thomas Jagoda

Thomas Jagoda, Staff Writer:

My experiences since school (and pretty much everything else) shut down have been obviously different in the ways that I do not attend a physical building for school every day, but I would not say my overall experience staying home and completing school work has been bad. I enjoy that I can work at my own pace at home and a lot of times can get things done more efficiently. Outside of school, I have really been pretty pleased with all the free time I began to have. It feels like every day at school students complain about never having free-time and how they just want to go home and sleep. Then all of a sudden they were given lots of free time and they complain that they want to be back in school. Personally, I’ve been trying to make the most out of the change that resulted from the outbreak of COVID-19. When we go back to school and see everyone we used to see on a daily basis that will be great, but in the meantime let’s all enjoy the extra free-time we have received. 

Charlie Recchia

Charlie Recchia, Editor in Chief:

I think quarantine is making me go a little crazy and calming me down at the same time. For one, the boredom of doing the same things every day inside is just getting to my head a little, and e-learning is not helping that out one bit. However, I have had a lot of downtime to myself to work on new hobbies such as guitar playing and spending more time listening to hours of music and watching hours of movies/TV. So all in all, my quarantine has been an extremely mixed bag, combining the best and worst things to come out of isolating times such as these. I have been worried about whether or not I will be able to go to college next year due to COVID-19. After almost 10 years of hard work and schooling, I don’t want to end up stuck at home for four more years doing online classes as my college experience.

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