While staff, students, and parents are forced to work from home due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, it might get old doing the same routine. Another thing you could do to keep your mind off of the pandemic is a good video game. There are plenty of free or very cheap games that could be played for hours to keep your mind occupied and entertained. 

On your mobile device or iPad, out of the thousands of free games available, these two choices are sure to entertain you the most.

“Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game”

The “Magic Tiles” series has been here for a while ever since its original release in March of 2014. With each release, the music that comes along with it gets better. It is a fast pace rhythm game that has you tapping piano tiles to make the song continue, and by succeeding, the song gets faster and harder, keeping the player on edge. The game has a wide range of music to choose from, like Charlie Puth’s hit song “Attention” and Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.” This game is sure to keep anyone busy with its fast paced action.    

“Mario Kart Tour” 

“Mario Kart” had its original debut on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in September of 1992, and has been on every major Nintendo home console since then. Finally, in 2019, “Mario Kart” now has the luxury of being played on a mobile device. It is a face paced racing game that has you playing as your favorite nintendo characters, like Bowser and Luigi. This version of the game has a wide variety of fan-favorite tracks from previous releases. This version however, is certainly a downgrade from its console counterparts, but it packs a punch on what it has to offer in content. All in all, “Mario Kart Tour” is a great time-waster to play while laying down on the couch.            

If consoles like PS4 or Xbox are laying around, try one of these games and it will make the days fly by.


“Paladins” is a 5 v 5 hero shooter just like the widely popular overwatch, but the kicker is that “Paladins” is free. In  this game, you can choose many characters from the 4 different classes: Front Line, Flank, Damage, and Healer. There’s also 4 game modes you can choose from, such as “Siege,” being the main game mode where you have to capture an objective in the center of the match and either push it to the enemies base, or defend it from getting pushed to yours. Then there’s “King of The Hill,” and “Onslaught” where you have to stay on the point as long as possible and get up to 400 points to win. Then, there’s “Team Deathmatch,” a mode where you battle till the first out of 2 teams reaches 40 points. Paladins is sure to reel anyone in with its interesting game mechanics and lovable characters. 


“Brawlhalla” is a free super Smash-Bros-esque game that has over 40-plus characters to play as. With those characters are thirteen included weapons to choose from. Some examples include blasters, katars, a rocket lance, a sword, a spear, a cannon, an axe, gauntlets, a hammer, a bow, a scythe, and an orb. Each legend can wield 2 weapons that support the appointed class. There are 3 main game modes to play in to keep you entertained for months. These include “1v1,” which is a 3 stock fight, then “Strikeout,” which has each team pick 3 characters and fight it out, then “Timed Free-For-All,” which is a mode where you try to get the most amount of kills within 4 minutes. “Brawlhalla”  is certain to make everyone say just “one more game” after every match.

Instead of sitting down every day watching the same old TV shows, sit down and play a new video game once in a while! These games are just a handful of the thousands of free to play games on the market place. Or, you could choose from the wide variety of more expensive games like “Overwatch” or “Legend Of Zelda.” However, if you don’t want to spend too much money and make this pandemic go by like a breeze, please check out the games above.

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