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PlayStation5 Hopes and Hype

Graphic: Anthony Myers, 42Fifty

No doubt about it, 95 percent of gamers are excited about next generation consoles and are curious as to how Sony’s Playstation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X compare and contrast. As a PS4 player at the moment, there are some hopes and expectations that I and the community have for the new console. 

First, let’s cover the cost and specs of the console. The console comes in two different forms with a $100 difference — first being the standard edition at $499.99 and the digital edition at $399.99. Both of these have an AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5GHz CPU and a 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz GPU.

With all that processing power, I expect great things from this console.

One thing I expect is faster load times and downloads. For example, on GTA5, loading into any online game takes approximately 4-5 minutes or more, which is awful for today’s standards. This applies to a wide variety of single player and massive online multiplayer games, like Red Dead Redemption. With faster load times, the console gaming experience will be made better and smoother for all. Along with this, we need faster update copying times. The standard copying time is 7-10 minutes, and most would love for it to be cut down to at least 3-5 minutes or less. 

Another improvement I’m hoping for is a better and more immersive home screen. From what I have noticed from the console, you can have someone else’s “Share Play” screen on the corner of your screen. They could go more in depth on this idea by having YouTube videos or movies do the same thing. With the card system they have implemented, I feel like you should be able to message someone in seconds or join a party with a tap of a button. 

The last upgrade I want is better graphics along with an immersive sense of gameplay with the controller. The new dualsense controller introduces haptic feedback and dynamic triggers, which add a new interactive experience when playing the games. What I hope to come out of this is the sense that you’re actually trying to pull back a bow or any type of interactive object to feel more intune with the game. Along with the controller comes new graphics, and from what has been previewed, it is better than anything the console community has ever seen. The new Demon’s Souls looks like a movie, and with the amount of detail they put into the game’s design, the new Call of Duty: Cold War makes it look like you are actually on the battlefield. 

Hopefully, Sony has a good sense of what console gamers would like to have in this new console and appeases us on what we have been eagerly waiting for. 

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