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It is no question that Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays of the entire year, as millions of people throughout the world celebrate it annually. That being said, it can become quite controversial and becomes a big question mark as to when we as people should start getting in the holiday spirit. While obviously, Christmas day is on Dec. 25, the day when people start celebrating starts to differ depending on which person you ask. Some people get super excited for the Christmas season and start as soon as Nov. 1, the day after Halloween and the end of the spooky season, while others wait at least until the end of the month when Thanksgiving is over.

I don’t hate Christmas. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Christmas is my favorite holiday compared to the many other great ones, and I love it. I always look forward to it every single year, and it is the most beautiful time of the year. Christmas is a near-perfect holiday in all aspects, but the most significant issue and criticism I have on it? By the time Dec. 25 comes, I’m already annoyed with it and don’t care for the spirit anymore. 

The holiday season is too drawn out, and it feels dead and worn out once Christmas day is here. This has nothing to do with the holiday itself, but the time people start celebrating it. Having two months of Christmas music constantly playing and seeing decorations in stores, always seeing Christmas lights everywhere, and so many aspects of Christmas becomes insanely repetitive and annoying that I honestly get fed up with it. By waiting until after Thanksgiving is over, it makes the transition between fall and winter a lot more pleasurable and makes the Christmas season more anticipated.

As I said, I love the season of Christmas, but I also love Thanksgiving and the fall season just as much. If you want to get real technical and precise, Winter doesn’t even officially begin until Dec. 21, and fall lasts from Sep. 23 till then, which means I technically have 91 days before it’s acceptable in meteorological terms to celebrate Christmas. Lucky for you, though, it will never be that deep or that important. 

What is essential, though, is to realize that It’s not fair to skip over a great time of the year just because Christmas is so cherished and loved. By saying that people celebrate Christmas too early, it’s not because I don’t want to celebrate it, I don’t want the excellent fall season to be ruined as well as Christmas to feel overplayed and annoying. I completely understand all the hype behind the Christmas season starting so early. I don’t want to spoil it on Christmas day. Go ahead and celebrate whenever you feel like it, know that I won’t be honoring until the day after I say goodbye to fall, and feel the need to start shuffling my Christmas playlist.

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