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The story of Craig Roselieb, the savior of the OHS band program

The Oswego Jazz ensemble performs under the direction of Craig Roselieb.

Mr. Roselieb expressed his great interest in the music genre of jazz and explained what his experience with the young jazz musicians has been like.

Stop acting like the Christmas season starts in June

I don’t hate Christmas. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Christmas is my favorite holiday compared to the many other great ones, and I love it. I always look forward to it every single year, and it is the most beautiful time of the year. Christmas is a near-perfect holiday in all aspects, but the most significant issue and criticism I have on it? By the time Dec. 25 comes, I’m already annoyed with it and don’t care for the spirit anymore.

OHS Republican Club hosts GOP candidates for meet and greet

The six GOP candidates are running for the Illinois 14th Congressional District U.S. House of Representatives seat against Democrat Representative Lauren Underwood in 2020. The winner of the 2020 spring primary will go up against her. The candidates filed one by one into the school’s Auxiliary Gym to speak with students both in and out of the Republican Club.

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