For some students, coming back to school after winter break is just another landmark in the long journey ahead. On the other hand, Oswego High School seniors are already beginning to count down the days to graduation. These next few months are their last – and as the year is slowly winding down, the end-of-the-road housekeeping is creeping into their responsibilities. Among senior celebration sign-ups, yearbook superlatives and gown orders, senior quotes for the yearbook are one of many on the class-wide to-do list. These quirky one-liners can either be more stressful than one thinks, or done without a second thought. As the deadline passed, the results are in – and the seniors’ final words have been recorded.

What is your senior quote, and what is the meaning behind it?

Laurie Avila

Laurie Avila

Quote: Guess what I’m eating… 

“The meaning is pretty self-explanatory. I really like Vines, and I really like popcorn, so it was pretty fitting. It’s something I always say to my friends, and they make fun of me for it. It’s also just something that reminds me of good memories from senior year, and overall, I feel like it suits me well.”

Peyton Raleigh

Peyton Raleigh

Quote: What’s past is prologue.

“To me, this quote means that whatever has come before in my life, it is only the beginning to a new chapter. I first found the quote on the exterior of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. When I looked it up, I found it was a Shakespeare quote from ‘The Tempest.’ I am never the type of person to linger in the past, so this quote is a great reminder to keep up that habit and continue moving forward.”

Claudia Vallejo

Claudia Vallejo

Quote: It really do be like that sometimes.

“Life has its mishaps, but it’s OK, because things just occur sometimes. This joke isn’t original, and has been around on Twitter for a while. It just describes any situation! From doing really bad on a test, or trying to comfort someone…I use it as a comforting phrase that just helps brush off bad feelings. It’s like my mantra at this point.”

What do you think about senior quotes’ importance?

Laurie Avila

“They are kind of important – they obviously aren’t something to stress about if you don’t have time, but it’s nice to have one.

Peyton Raleigh

“I think at other high schools, senior quotes are a much bigger deal. I wish that was our culture here at OHS as well.”

Claudia Vallejo

“They can be seen as last statements from your high school era. They’re just quirky phrases we get to use, but it’s fun… and stressful.”

Trendy phrases. Philosophical proverbs. A unique inside joke. No matter the type or root of the saying, it is theirs, individually. Whether one was stewing over their quote, or forgot to submit it at all – seniors will be remembered for their impact on the school, and definitely never forget their time at the high school in general. As the end-of-the-year festivities begin to be planned, the bittersweet excitement is near palpable among the 2019 class. Senior quotes are just the start.

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