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The life of a famous person can be littered with controversies. Ariana Grande is one of the most famous pop stars at the moment, and she has found a way to land herself into a bit of a scuffle. Grande has been accused of plagiarizing her newest single “7 Rings” from rappers Princess Nokia, Soulja Boy, 2 Chainz. Plagiarism is taking something that someone else created and passing it off as your own.

Last week, Grande was accused of copying the song ‘Mine’ from Princess Nokia’s “1992” album. Both of these songs have the same flow and very similar words towards the beginning. In Grande’s song, the line “I want it, I got it” is repeated – while in Nokia’s song, the line “It’s mine, I bought it” is repeated. Along with that, both songs use the same beat during the intro, which is why Nokia is claiming Grande stole from her. Nokia released her “1992” album a full two years before Grande released “7 Rings.”

Rapper Soulja Boy decided to also cash in on this controversy by saying over Twitter that Grande had stolen “7 Rings” from his song “Pretty Boy Swag.” Soulja Boy made these claims but hasn’t yet shown how Grande stole from him.

Finally, the most recent person to come out with a claim of plagiarism was 2 Chainz, claiming that Grande stole the music video for “7 Rings” from his music video for “Door Swangin’,” mainly because they both have a pink mansion in it.

All of these could possibly just be a very large coincidence. Yet, Grande came out with a statement saying that her friends came up with all of the inspiration for the song and that they wrote most of it. They could have possibly taken large inspirations from these pieces of music or this can be a long string of coincidences. At this point in time, no idea is a completely original idea and that’s how the court of law looks at these claims of plagiarism. As long as Grande doesn’t take exact lyrics from songs or completely steal a music video shot for shot, then she isn’t a plagiarist. Just because there is a slight similarity in a piece of music or art that doesn’t mean that someone is a plagiarist, it could simply mean that they just took inspiration from that piece of music or it could be a coincidence.

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