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The best Jokers, ranked

From his first appearance in the comic “Batman No.1” to his most recent appearance in the movie “Joker” (2019), the Joker has changed drastically. For every different Batman series, there is another version of the Joker. Just like clowns at a birthday party, some of these Jokers are better left unheard of. However, the following iterations are unique and deserve attention.

VIDEO: “Minecraft” is making a comeback at OHS

Minecraft windmillvideo

As of recently, the popular game Minecraft has been gaining more traffic than ever due to YouTubers and specific trends in gaming culture. A few students from Oswego High School talk about their experiences with the game and why they think it is growing in popularity.

Tornado warnings and false alarms: Seniors sent off by shelter-in-place, evacuation and early dismissal

Oswego High School parking lot

On May 16, Oswego High School and surrounding areas were placed under a tornado warning, causing students to shelter in place, followed closely by a false fire alarm and evacuation. At the very beginning of 6th period on Thursday, students were rushed into their shelter in place positions where they have to sit down...

Untitled, Ep. 2: The Pineapple Dilemma

Untitled logo, a cassette tape

Staff editors Mack Hulke and David Brant talk for 15 minutes about stupid things they found on Twitter’s Moments section, ranging from goats being mayors to pineapples being peeled…yeah, this is a weird one.

Album review: ‘Forbidden’ by Todrick Hall

Forbidden by Todrick Hall album review

He started his career with musicals like “Straight Outta Oz” and then to went to Broadway to be the lead in “Kinky Boots.” Later in his career, Hall explored the genres of rhythm and blues, pop, and neo-soul with his 2014 album “Pop Star High.” His third and most recent solo studio album “Forbidden” was the first time that the artist dipped his toes into the hip-hop genre with elements of R&B and neo-soul.

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