Pictured: “Fast Forward” members Ryan Sendef, Seth Fetro, Parker Abrell, Scarlet Licina, and Audrey Mikelson

“Barber-Cued” is a barber shop quartet at Oswego High School consisting of juniors Tyler Sendra, Mark Melton, Tristan Ramos and Aden Lieser. There is also a jazz choir: “Fast Forward” that features freshman Scarlet Licina, sophomore Seth Fetro, and seniors Parker Abrell, Ryan Sendef, and Audrey Mikelson. At the request of choir director Mr. Frank Tieri, the students sing happy birthday telegrams to teachers on their special day during third period.

“ sent out a schoolwide email to every staff member and they sent back their birthday,” said senior Ryan Sendef, the creator of “Fast Forward.” “We learned an arrangement of Happy Birthday, and then started doing that as well—so now we have two groups doing the telegrams,” Sendef said.

The telegrams only happen during third period, when every member of these two groups has A Capella Choir.

“I think if people start more groups within choir, then Mr. Tieri might let them start doing telegrams as well,” Sendef said.

Since the two groups have already been created, it is likely more groups can form in the future, which may lead to the expansion of the choir’s activities around the school.

Follow Oswego’s Vocal Music Twitter page @oswegovmd308 for updates on the choir’s activities.

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