BDS Sonny, or Keondre Brodanex, graduated from Oswego High School in 2017 and started making his own music in his senior year. Sonny now has over 15 singles out, and an album titled “Big Dawg S—,” which is currently available on all streaming platforms.

“I actually started when I was 13,” Sonny reveals.

Sonny put his first few songs on Soundcloud when he was just 13 years old. He only released a few songs at the time and ended up not putting anything else out again until his senior year of high school.

Sonny started rapping again during his senior year with one of his high school friends, Seantrell who also went to OHS, who goes by “Chops.”

“Chops had came up to me and asked if I wanted to rap,” Sonny says. “I already had lyrics written in my notes on my phone.”

Chops and Sonny, who went by Dre at the time, ended up recording two songs together titled “Bad B—-” and “No Feet,” both in which were released in July of 2017.

As I mentioned in my profile on Moe Harb, I produce music in my free time. At the time, I knew how to use computer software made specifically for producing, but I did not have a microphone nor any artists to record with. Right after Chops and Sonny dropped their first song, I immediately became interested in working with them. They caught so much of my attention that I wanted to buy my own microphone so they could record their projects at my house.

After expressing my interest in the boys, they agreed to work with me. I finally bought a microphone and Sonny and Chops began recording at my house a few weeks later.

“I was nervous at first when I first went in the booth, but when I got done recording my verse, everyone was screaming and yelling because I was spitting fire,” Sonny says.

Sonny and Chops recorded about three-to-four songs at my house in September and October of 2017. About a year later, their song “Need To Know” ended up getting released as an official single.

Unfortunately, a few weeks after Chops recorded “Need To Know,” he decided that he did not want to be a rapper anymore. I ask Sonny why they don’t make music together anymore. Sonny laughs.

“Who knows?” Sonny says. “I’m not sure; maybe something beyond the music.”

Despite Chops leaving him, Sonny decided that he wanted to keep going with his music, so he started releasing music as a solo rapper. Sonny released 10-15 songs on Soundcloud under the name “Dre” for about six months, then decided he wanted to take his music to another level. He decided to change his name to BDS Sonny.

BDS is a group, formed by Sonny, that stands for “Big Dawg S—.” Right now, the group consists of rappers Sonny and his cousin Dice, and myself as a producer and engineer.

In June 2018, Sonny released his first two solo singles on all platforms: “Mission” and “Plan.”

Two months later, Sonny released his debut album, “Big Dawg S—.” The album, which consists of eight tracks, was influenced by “Young Dolph, Key Glock, Moneybagg Yo, and other Memphis rappers,” Sonny reveals. Sonny also has two songs on the project that were inspired by Detroit rappers.

Sonny is still working on new music, mentioning that his next album will have a better beat selection and better flow, both which he felt needed improvement.

Sonny also just dropped a new song on Oct. 5 titled, “No Issue,” which is currently available on all platforms.

You can follow BDS Sonny (@bds.sonny) and BDS Dice (@bds.dice) on Instagram.

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