Right now at Oswego High School, there are a lot of people who are in a band  or choir. But even though these people are talented, most of them do not end up going into a music career. Junior Moe Harb, however, is different. At 16 years old, Moe has launched an early hip-hop career of his own.

I first started producing for Moe in his sophomore year. He had been making music since his freshman year, but at the time was only making beats on his computer. In his sophomore year, he decided he wanted to start rapping.

“I thought, ‘why don’t I just put out some singles?’” Moe says. So he did.

Moe ended up releasing his first single, “On My Way,” in May of his sophomore year. This song was produced by Moe himself and was recorded at my studio. When Moe first recorded “On My Way,” it sounded extremely good for someone who had never recorded or been in a studio before. When most people record for the first time, they will get very nervous and mess up. Moe didn’t have to do very many takes at all, and he did not seem even a bit nervous.

Moe’s single did well for his first release, with a lot of people pre-ordering it on iTunes. The success of that first single motivated him to make more music.

Moe went back to work and started on “Switchin’ Lanes,” which he released in June. When we started recording, I realized for the first time that Moe could actually freestyle. Most of “Switchin’ Lanez” is actually just Moe vibing in the studio.

Once again, Moe had very positive feedback on this single, and he gained a lot more popularity.

Since “Switchin’ Lanez” dropped in June, Moe has not released any other music, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t working on something new. Moe has been in and out of the studio many, many times since, and he is still working to create the best quality content possible. It’s just a multi-step process.

Moe likes to produce his own beats, but sometimes if Moe is busy or if he is looking for something specific, he will ask me to send him some beats. After that?

”Usually, I just sit in my studio in my basement and just go over over and over and write my lyrics,” Moe says.  

Moe also decides what type of lyrics he is going to have based on the beat.

“If I feel like it could be a J. Cole song, then I know that song could be something lyrical or inspiring,” Moe explains. “But if it’s a hype beat, then it might be like a Lil Pump song.” Other times, Moe will just hear a beat in the studio while he is recording and freestyle over the beat.

Moe has been talking about releasing an album ever since “Switchin’ Lanez” dropped in June.

“I have an EP with five songs on it that should be releasing at the end of September,” Moe says. Moe is still currently in the process of recording the album right now, so he is working really hard to try and meet his deadline.

His EP will drop at a really good time for him, because he will be performing at the OHS Homecoming this year. Moe wants to release his EP before Homecoming so he can perform the songs there.

As I talked about earlier, many people at OHS are involved in music, but they don’t actually release songs that people can listen to. I ask Moe if he thinks more people at OHS should make music.

“Honestly, why not?” Moe says. “Spread the message. I mean, you can do more than one thing at once.”

Even though Moe isn’t famous yet, he still has a lot of fans and he is gaining more every day. He loves when people give him compliments on his music and suggestions on what he should do next.

Moe’s goals for this year just include making more music and hopefully becoming famous.

“If I get famous, then I will just continue with high school and then continue my music career,” Moe says.

Moe’s five-song EP will be releasing (hopefully) by the end of September, and his two singles, “On My Way” and “Switchin’ Lanez” are out on all platforms.


Correction, Sep. 19, 2018: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated Harb’s age as 17. Harb is 16 years old.

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